Security Insights Q&A: Why You Should Attend the Pelco Roadshow Nearest You

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It’s been a busy few months for Kristen Plitt,Marketing Manager – Customer Relations, Global Sales,as she is in the middle of roadshow season from now until the end of August. Roadshows are a chance to learn about the latest industry innovations and see how Pelco by Schneider Electric plans to meet customers’ challenges with a host of new products and solutions.

The roadshows are happening around the globe and include free half-day sessions in a smaller setting with some of Pelco’s subject matter experts. I had the chance to sit down with Kristen for a quick one-on-one interview and get her thoughts on what makes this year’s show unique.

Andy Gonzales: Why should Security Insights readers attend a Pelco roadshow?

Kristen Plitt: We want to give attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest technologies in the surveillance industry and learn about new innovations. They’ll also get hands-on experience to test and learn about some of Pelco’s new products. We have a big focus this year on innovative technologies and I think those who attend will understand why very quickly.

AG: What can attendees expect to learn at a roadshow?

KP: They’ll have the chance to learn about challenges affecting a variety of markets and the types of technology needed to meet them. We really want attendees to see how Pelco has focused on solutions, so that’s something we’re planning to address at the roadshows. They will also have the chance to pose questions to our subject matter experts to learn about the surveillance industry as a whole. It’s a valuable experience whether you’re a veteran or new to the market, and we think you’ll learn a lot!

AG: What’s one of the biggest things people new to the industry need to know about surveillance?

KP: Video surveillance technology is undergoing a significant maturation period, primarily in the analytics space. Newcomers will need to understand how the advancement in analytics is going to change the industry and how it impacts their applications.

AG: Is there anything different about this year’s roadshow that Security Insights readers should know?

KP: Many people don’t know this, but we have some technology partnerships that are unique to the industry and are helping us lead with meaningful innovation. For instance, our partnership with IBM enables identification of unexpected movements, such as the sudden formation of a mob, and notifies personnel to address crowd management before the situation gets out of hand. This integration is with with VideoXpert, our VMS that bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms, to put the information you need at your fingertips.

AG: Do you have any favorite moments from the roadshows you’ve done so far?

KP: I love being able to listen to attendees about common application challenges. I often get more from listening to the unique needs of our audience than I do from the sessions themselves. We have plenty of knowledgeable people in the security industry attending and the needs tend to change every year.

AG: Why are roadshows a good entry point for people new to the security industry?

KP: Roadshows give attendees the opportunity to learn about the different needs and challenges of each industry from city surveillance to retail and how to meet those needs. And roadshows are free, so it’s a fantastic way to get educated without a significant financial investment.

AG: How can attending a roadshow help an integrator better serve their customers?

KP: Attending a roadshow gives integrators a chance to learn what’s new in the industry, allowing them to pass that information along to their customers and ensure they’re getting the right products for their needs. It also provides the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts and ask them any questions they have – ultimately helping them be a better resource for their own customers.

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