Secure Your Hotel’s Reputation with These Surveillance Solutions

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The hospitality industry is always preparing for an influx of visitors and traffic to their properties. Prioritizing hotel security provides a safe and secure accommodation while also offering a positive customer experience. Hotels expecting a large number of arriving and departing guests need to implement robust security measures that keep both guests and employees safe. Not only does inadequate safety and security put the property and its guests at risk from incidents like theft, but they are also likely to held responsible for steep liability costs when criminal acts are committed on their property; after all, even just one act of violence or crime can have the potential to seriously damage a hotel’s reputation.

Optera 180 - Surface_Black Most hotel properties monitor employee activities around sensitive areas such as the front desk and cash drawer. They also oversee common areas that experience high traffic such as lobbies, entryways, and exits. In larger open spaces such as foyers and main entrances, there is a need to get an overall picture of the situation. Innovative surveillance technology gives security personnel more control and confidence. Pelco’s 12 MP Optera camera is designed to deliver a sharp, panoramic surveillance experience for demanding video security applications under challenging lighting conditions, which are common in the hospitality industry. Designed to provide excellent security detail in environments with low light, bright light, or the presence of both in different areas of a scene, the 12 MP Optera cameras give you great situational awareness in areas such as parking lots, entrances, and lobbies.

The 12 MP Optera camera delivers crystal-clear images to help improve detection of potential threats in and around the property. This is made possible by giving security operators a seamless panoramic view across a wide area and the ability to intuitively zoom in to closer detail anywhere in the field of view. This can be done live as well as forensically, since Optera captures and makes available for recording the entire scene at maximum resolution so nothing is missed. With this level of coverage and visibility, hotel security staff can quickly obtain the video evidence needed to investigate incidents protect themselves from spurious legal claims like poolside slips or falls.

In addition to capturing activity in a wide range of lighting conditions, the Optera panoramic camera also supports Pelco Camera Link technology that takes advantage of the 30X zoom on a nearby Pelco Spectra Enhanced PTZ camera. This feature can prove to be particularly useful in scenarios where an intruder is moving across the property after hours and automatic tracking is needed. People or vehicles detected in the Optera’s wide panoramic view can be automatically tracked closely. This not only enables quick detection but can also be done after hours without the need for manual surveillance, which enhances safety of guests and the reputation of your property.

Large hotels and convention facilities to smaller boutique hotel properties around the world rely on Pelco to help achieve robust security levels. Pelco’s surveillance management and intelligent video surveillance technologies go beyond just physical products to provide users with complete solutions meet their security needs. With next-generation video surveillance cameras and video management systems like VideoXpert, Pelco helps surveillance operators keep guests safe and hotel premises secure.