Public Safety: Video Surveillance and Security Webinar Recap featuring Dell EMC and Pelco

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After announcing our collaboration at ISC West 2017 this past April, Pelco and Dell EMC hosted a joint webinar to discuss advancements within the video surveillance market. During the May 18th webinar, our Regional Sales Director for UK and Ireland, Tony Burns, and Director of Surveillance and Safety for Dell EMC, Graham Porter, discussed just how the two companies work together. The overall message was that working with Dell EMC enables us to deliver a superior user experience by leveraging Dell EMC’s powerful hardware capabilities for the servers and workstations of our VideoXpert Professional VMS.

The partnership between these two global leaders was forged to improve architectural effectiveness and storage accuracy, helping customers in the video surveillance space centralize data from sometimes thousands of cameras. With the current transformations in the surveillance market, there’s a growing need for solutions such as those offered by us and Dell EMC. The current transformations discussed in the webinar are in Digital, IT, Workstations and Cybersecurity:

  • The shift from analog to IP camera technology is becoming the norm, with surveillance data beginning to look like other enterprise data.
  • Because customers are moving surveillance video data to the datacenter, they are expecting IT-grade infrastructure for their surveillance systems.
  • IP cameras are increasing in resolution, placing higher demands on the workstations that control surveillance data deployment and viewing performance.
  • Vulnerabilities within cybersecurity and surveillance have gained global attention, putting a greater demand on the security of surveillance systems.

Dell EMC surveillance solutions are designed to protect and store video data and audio files, which is why they’re such a great partner for our surveillance systems. They run on an open data lake platform, meaning raw data is stored in its native format until needed. The three types of solutions Dell EMC offers are Distributed, in which each facility has a different storage system, Centralized, where everything is hosted in one centralized data center, and Cloud, in which the data is stored within the internet. Depending on the application, solutions can be a combination of the different systems.

Ranked #1 in surveillance infrastructure since 2010, Dell EMC offers the industry’s first data lake architecture dedicated to surveillance. Dell EMC has been able to build the industry’s top surveillance ecosystem, and their continued success can be attributed to the extensive product testing they conduct prior to offering it for purchase. Through their partnership with us, this ecosystem has been integrated with our top-of-the-line systems, superior user interface, endless commitment to deliver meaningful innovations globally and robust feature set that mid-size applications demand. As a result, the both us and Dell EMC are able to offer the tremendous benefits of the VideoXpert platform to mid-size customers in the video surveillance market.

As was presented in the webinar, the integration improves site intelligence, proactively identifies potential threats, reduces response time, improves the ability to mitigate threats and increases operational efficiency. Our surveillance systems with Dell EMC storage solutions are for many applications including education, retail, corrections and transportation. In today’s ecosystem, investing in the best surveillance solutions can help mitigate threats more quickly and efficiently than ever before.