Preventing Airport Perimeter Breache

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For yearsairportshave been identified as some of our most vulnerable spaces. Anyone who has taken a flight during the last 15 years is aware of the stringent security procedures in place at every airport. From the “front door” of the airport, access to aircraft is tightly controlled.

Incredibly, this is not the case at the “back door” of the airport. Parked aircraft, taxiways, runways, and everything inside the airport perimeter fence are still exposed to potential security hazards.

Virtually anyone with a car can break through a chain-link fence gate and take a joyride down the runway of most major metropolitan airports. For airports on the water like New York’s JFK, intruders only need a kayak to reach all of the aircraft on site. In other airports, they can access the tarmac just by climbing a fence. As a result, security breaches at airports through the “back door” are far more common than you might imagine.

AdobeStock_74541195.jpegShort of vastly reinforcing physical barriers, personnel, and technology at an airport, what can be done to reduce the likelihood of these potentially dangerous breaches? To start, airports can install a security solution that automates much of the monitoring, threat identification, and alerts needed to keep the entire premises safe.

Pelco’s award-winning Esprit Enhanced camera system, complemented by the VideoXpert Video Management System (VMS), is a comprehensive solution that protects airport perimeter and exterior premises. This solution detects potential breaches by unauthorized individuals on runways, taxiways, and airplanes while filtering out false alarms (i.e. blowing garbage or animals). When incidents occur, authorities can be alerted automatically when action is needed. This nimble, highly responsive solution is ideal for situations where overt coverage above and below the horizon level provides a visual deterrence to intrusion. Pelco’s industry-leading camera system is also rugged and reliable as it can withstand tough, outdoor weather conditions. It also sustains image quality and performance for long periods of time. The Esprit Enhanced camera is especially suited for situations where visible light is neither desired nor permitted, and where lighting and weather conditions vary.

FreeWhitepaper This solution is in place at several facilities through an integration between Pelco VideoXpert VMSVideoXpert VMS and Xtralis’ perimeter detection analytics. VideoXpert gives the user an easy-to-deploy, centralized hub to monitor and manage all aspects of airport security, while Pelco’s high-performance cameras capture the crystal-clear video required for effective analytics.

The user can create a virtual fence surrounding designated restricted areas such as parked aircraft and receive proactive alerts of suspicious activity, including the presence of unauthorized vehicles or objects. The perimeter fence line can be monitored from both sides and provide automated alerts to security management. Advanced analytics enable high detection probability and reliability with fewer false alarms, helping personnel focus their attention on what’s most important. This integrated solution combines real-time data with real-time video to enable a quick response.

At Pelco, we are continuing to develop meaningful integrations that solve real problems for our customers. To learn more, download our whitepaper or the latest VideoXpert software. Click here to view our Esprit Enhanced video.