3 Pelco Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents:

Healthcare facilities present one of the largest industries requiring comprehensive security solutions. Healthcare facilities, hospitals, in particular, are often large and see a significant amount of traffic, most of which are people completely unknown to the staff or other visitors. This makes the need for diligent hospital security a must, and a strong surveillance system is a vital asset in ensuring increased safety for healthcare staff and patients, as well as a reduction in theft.

In fact, the worldwide population of people over the age of 60 is expected to double by 2050, while at the same time, global access to healthcare continues to rise. Healthcare security decision-makers must adopt video surveillance solutions that can readily adapt to growing patient populations. At Pelco, it is our vision to see the world become a safer place and our mission is to provide the absolute best video surveillance and video management solutions to help make that vision a reality.

Because healthcare security is much needed for this vision to become a reality, we offer a number of solutions designed for healthcare environments to assist hospitals and other healthcare facilities maintain and enhance the Environment of Care standards. This keeps patients, visitors, and employees safe in relation to physical surroundings, work processes, and operational procedures. Video surveillance systems are an efficient, cost-effective solution for 24/7 coverage of physical surroundings, improving safety, and increasing operational efficiency.

Ensuring Patient and Staff Safety, Security, and Satisfaction

Security cameras in hospitals are an extremely powerful and useful ally in healthcare security. In hospitals, security teams are tasked with monitoring multiple areas such as waiting rooms, maternity wards, public spaces, and more. Each area adds a layer of complexity in terms of varied lighting conditions, levels of security and blind spots security personnel need to navigate. Hospital security is not an easy challenge for security operator, however, Pelco’s exceptional video surveillance options provide healthcare security operators the powerful tools required to lessen risks and increase response times. Plus, our revolutionary video management software makes any healthcare facility easy to use without sacrificing functionality or scope.

For high-risk patients who require continuous monitoring, for example, nurses and security personnel can take advantage of our High Security Corner Mount camera, which provides live video and two-way communication. This feature ensures safety and comfort in areas like Intensive Care Units. Through VideoXpert analytics partnering with the HSCM camera, it provides motion and sabotage detection and can automatically alert personnel when a patient falls or needs any other form of assistance.

Interiors spaces are far from the only areas requiring robust hospital security. Parking lots and surrounding areas also need surveillance systems to ensure higher levels of safety. VideoXpert Plates allows hospitals to keep an eye on arriving emergency vehicles and address overcrowding of visitor parking lots. Security operators can also utilize our ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) software to adeptly control the traffic flow in and around healthcare facilities.

Finally, security cameras in hospitals don’t have to be an eyesore or obvious feature of lobbies, waiting rooms, or other areas. Pelco’s mini-dome cameras and Special Modification Requests (SMR) program allows for custom video surveillance solutions that seamlessly blend into the aesthetic design of the property. This creates a discreet, yet secure, healthcare environment.

Mitigating Risks Through Enhanced Visibility and Detection

Healthcare facilities are primarily patient-centered areas, so accurate identification of persons of interest is of utmost importance for security operators. Simply sifting through the tops of heads is not enough for optimal hospital security. Our video surveillance solutions provide exceptional capabilities such as eye-level views and superior panoramic stitching. Our Evolution 180 fisheye camera provides sharp detail and expansive coverage for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Security managers gain access to the automatic tracking of people or objects of interest thanks to Pelco Camera Link, which combines the capabilities of our Optera camera (seamless panoramic coverage) with our Spectra Enhanced (30x optical zoom) for enhanced visibility and detection.

Lighting can also be a challenge when there is no more daylight in after-hours monitoring, or in areas where lighting is generally poor overall. These areas are at higher risk for undetected breaches or unwanted activity, especially if the security cameras in hospitals are equipped to handle low-light situations. Our Sarix Professional 3 cameras have an IR illuminator that can detect objects and people with detail in zero light, so you can rest assured knowing that even the darkest areas can be effectively secured.

Additionally, physicians’ offices, pharmacies, and laboratories also have unique security needs that require a versatile, scalable, and reliable surveillance system. Above all, providing a safe and comfortable experience for patients and staff is paramount for security teams.

Lowering Costs While Increasing Operational Efficiency

While hospital security should be a top priority for any healthcare provider, so too are the financial and budgetary concerns of healthcare facilities. Pelco keeps this in mind, offering solutions that do not have to eat up a hospital’s budget.

Thanks to Pelco Smart Compression technology, and h.265, the most efficient video compression standard, security personnel experience detailed images that don’t strain storage budgets.

Our power surveillance systems and video management software provide security operators extreme power beyond basic security concerns, as well. Security personnel can use heatmap information to understand visitor and patient traffic within hospitals and other healthcare facilities, which is useful in optimizing patient flow and service-cycle times. This powerful data can provide valuable information for sharpening hospital’s strategies and best practices to optimize expenditures and stretch budgets further.

Pelco’s video surveillance solutions can also help directors of security ensure that staff in healthcare facilities are complying with protocols and processes, which can help lower the risk of liability issues. Additionally, VideoXpert analytics allow security personnel to focus on responding to potential breaches and incidents rather than monitoring each scene manually.

Our end-to-end solutions are also open and integrated, working with more than 100 integration partners so that our solutions work with a wide range of third-party platforms for an interoperable, open surveillance system that suits a healthcare facility’s specific needs. This includes solutions such as infant monitoring systems, nurse call systems, and more.

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