On the Edge: How a New Feature in VideoXpert Will Save Your Data

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Since VideoXpert was first released, Pelco has been striving to provide a diverse range of industries with an intelligent video management system (VMS) that is not only able to adapt to changing site plans and locations, but also contains features that make it a reliable and trusted solution. The newest version of our VMS, VideoXpert v3.3, is now available for download. Among the new features in this release include the auto-gap-fill feature, which is designed to address several security challenges that increase the risk of data loss. Read to find out how this feature enhances your surveillance experience.

Rural or Large Enterprise Facilities

Large facilities or environments in rural areas need the ability to reliably capture video, even in the event of a network interruption or failure. With auto-gap-fill feature in VideoXpert v3.3, video feeds are temporarily stored on the surveillance camera through an SD card so you won’t have to worry about gaps in coverage. When the network connection is restored and the system returns to normal operation, the VMS can retrieve and merge local video recordings seamlessly. This ensures that the user gets uninterrupted video recordings and provides increased system reliability and safeguards system operation.

Forensic Evidence Gathering

In the event when the network experiences a brief outage while a security breach is occurring, you run the risk of losing precious video evidence. The auto-gap-fill feature in the latest version of VideoXpert prevents this scenario with locally recorded video that can be recovered and shared with the appropriate authorities. This can significantly reduce response times and increase the chance that the suspect is successfully identified and intercepted.

Why Auto-Gap Fill Matters

The auto-gap-fill feature also allows for bandwidth optimization in applications where bandwidth is limited. The user or an operator can view live video in low resolution, while recording HDTV quality images locally on the camera. Upon an incident, the high-quality video stream from the camera will be stored on the SD card of the camera, which is then retrieved by the VMS for efficient forensic search. Typical applications are mission critical installations, but also for video surveillance where network coverage is limited or intermittent.

Pelco is excited to release our newest version of VideoXpert this Spring. Check out our existing offering here or visit our website to see our full range of video surveillance solutions.