Migrating Corrections Facilities Safely and Seamlessly to a Modern VMS

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Most corrections facilities today have an aging infrastructure of coax cables coupled with failing or unreliable components, which can potentially lead to security breaches and be a safety consideration to officers and inmates. This market relies on video surveillance infrastructure that is both redundant and reliable, which means that all components must be in working order to protect both officers and inmates from harm.

The fact remains that officers can’t be everywhere at all times, which means that a trusted video surveillance system acts as a force multiplier covering all mandatory areas with 24/7/365 recording. Heightened situations such as inmate-on-inmate violence, contraband issues, and – at a more extreme level – escape attempts must be detected early and dealt with accordingly. Sufficient camera locations and even potential blind spots within a facility call for the correct camera applications to provide the highest quality images and reliable recording of these instances.

As Pelco has proven itself as a trusted partner across the corrections market, a migration program can help any facility to transition to a safe and secure video surveillance solution providing these needs. But there are a number of reasons why these facililities should make the switch:

Better investigations. Integral to initiating investigations and collecting clear video data, industry-leading cameras give you the ability to see all angles and details of a scene with a limited number of cameras and in any conditions. Video surveillance increases the inmate’s accountability, as they know they are constantly monitored and the system is recording. VideoXpert VMS also offers a number of features aimed at boosting investigations, including:
oA fast way to search for incidents across multiple cameras in one interface using quick timeline access with indicators for video with motion, alarm or bookmarks. This allows the operator to see multiple camera views from a given time period on the same screen using Synchronized Video option.
oQuick search, playback, export to collect evidence.
oTagging and Mapping features to quickly locate event on a map with camera naming convention to improve operations efficiency.
oPossibility to integrate to appearance search third party vendor, scuh as Briefcam, to accelerate investigations by searching and filtering people and object of interest by appearance similarity, apparel, color, size.

Reliable and stable video management. VideoXpert VMS is redundant with failover and load balancing. As a stable system, we eliminate any single point of failure on the VMS, so corrections facility security leaders can be confident the system is always available.

Tough products for tough environments. Pelco cameras meet the stringent corrections requirements in providing vandal proof and anti-ligature surveillance technology. This is crucial within a corrections environment, as the ability to record at all times is necessary to the goal of protecting both inmates and officers from threats.

Future-proof technology growth. As the needs of an organization changes, it’s critical for a VMS and associated video surveillance technology to adapt to that change, which means corrections facilities are better able to meet the demands of the changing threat landscape. VMS solutions must easily integrate with advanced camera technology, such as 360-degree, dewarping, multi sensors, 4K, DNN technologies, etc.
Advanced analytics for immediate action. Analytics help detect incidents and send alerts when they occur to initiate an immediate response. Corrections operators are interested in directional motion analytics (with Pro3 series) and detection moving objects entering a defined area with adaptive motion.

Social distancing feature. The VideoXpert Collaboration tab gives the ability to be geographically separated; user can work from different workstation on a shared tab. Operators can send tabs and video to logged-in users within VideoXpert. If a riot or fight breaks out in a prison, the person watching the video system sees it and can instantly send the camera feed or the tab of cameras to another user on the system so action can be taken right away.

Delivering a Seamless and Safe Migration Path
Corrections facilities require the safe migration of old systems while maintaining integrity of data with no cybersecurity risks. Pelco takes a facility’s existing infrastructure and migrates it to the latest technology, on a modern and user-centric VMS platform in the following ways:
•Leveraging a migration program that ensures a seamless transition with multiple upgrade paths.
•Offering professional services to audit and provide field support in upgrading an existing system.
•Providing options for repurposing existing hardware with no downtime.
•Providing a low-cost upgrade to VideoXpert VMS and optimizing investments with the ability to reuse existing infrastructure by integrating with other cameras and extending the life of your existing hardware.
•Offering a complete set of tools to support migration, including the migration process and highlight possible risks
•Providing full migration support for existing install base (audit of existing system and deployment of new system) and offer extended support after deployment and 3- to 5-year warranty.

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