Keeping Labor Day Weekend Fun: How Traffic Surveillance Solutions Save Lives

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As Labor Day Weekend approaches, families prepare to toss their luggage into the back before heading out of town for a final summer getaway. According to MMGY Global, road trips represent 39 percent of vacations taken by U.S. travelers, which means driver safety is becoming a greater concern year after year. The National Safety Council estimates that 420 people will lose their lives in traffic accidents this Labor Day weekend, adding to the 40,000 total roadway deaths that occur in the U.S. annually. Thankfully, advanced traffic monitoring systems can help drivers and pedestrians avoid major problems on city roads, highways, bridges and tunnels.

Labor Day vacationers will have a significant impact on traffic conditions. Heavy traffic volumes from urban areas around the U.S. will cascade delays throughout surrounding areas, creating gridlocks in highways running through major cities, highway ramps, and even adjacent towns. Cities already plagued by some of the worst traffic congestion—Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and Dallas—will see a spike in traffic related delays.


What does this mean for traffic operations managers around the country? They need both state and city-level real-time notifications of stopped or slow-moving traffic. This way, they can properly assess possible causes of delays and determine whether to modify traffic signal timings or dispatch emergency services. With an advanced video monitoring system, gridlock alarms immediately alert traffic operations managers who can use.

Another common traffic scenario frequently associated with Labor Day weekend is an increase in driver impairment from alcohol and other controlled substances, which in turn raises the risk for accidents. Traffic operations managers need real-time alerts to know if a motorist is driving erratically or worse, in the wrong direction on a roadway, bridge, or tunnel. Wrong-way driving greatly increases the risk of serious injuries and fatalities. Advanced video analytic systems and wrong-way driving alarms work together to provide timely alerts for traffic operations managers so they have the chance to respond before an accident occurs.

In conjunction with Pelco’s security cameras, video management systems like VideoXpert Professional help city and state officials to ensure that traffic management needs are met, and lives are saved. The scalability and flexibility of Pelco’s traffic monitoring solutions allow officials to add cameras, integrate their setups with third-party systems, share video across organizations, and extend analytic capabilities. With the proper precautions and systems in place, traffic operation managers can help make the journey safer for drivers and pedestrians across the country this Labor Day weekend.

You can learn more about traffic safety statistics and Pelco’s intelligent traffic monitoring solutions from our infographic here.