In Transit: 5 Ways Pelco Protects Ground Transportation Environments

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As populations grow each year around the world, metropolitan areas such as New York City and Seoul may face added security challenges in ground transportation environments. Because of this, transportation security will need to keep up with denser crowds and an increased risk of threat scenarios. Whether security is needed in subway stations, bus depots, or park-and-ride areas, surveillance personnel can greatly benefit from solutions that adapt to the unique challenges of such environments while saving them on storage and bandwidth costs. Here’s how the Spectra Professional 4K camera boosts safety in any ground transportation environment:

  1. Discreet, Consistent Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring ground transportation environments, surveillance operators need ways to discreetly capture activity in various lighting conditions. With the Spectra Pro IR 4K camera, they are given the ability to use features like integrated IR, which can be used for outdoor areas with low lighting conditions. This camera is also designed for environments where 24/7 monitoring is needed, which makes the Spectra Pro 4K a perfect surveillance solution for areas like subway stations and bus depots.

  1. Above the Horizon

This camera goes above and beyond—literally. With the 15-degree above-the-horizon lookup capability, security administrators have access to extended viewing areas that normally can’t be seen with typical dome cameras.

  1. Affordable Total Cost of Ownership

Most cameras with 4K resolution tend to cost more in storage and bandwidth for security administrators who may already be faced with tight budgets. With Pelco, surveillance strategies won’t have to choose between affordability and sharp views. The Spectra Pro 4K works with VideoXpert to provide improved compression through H.265 and Pelco Smart Compression, which helps security personnel reduce bandwidth and storage-related costs by up to 85%.

  1. A Sharp, Expanded View

The Spectra Pro 4K is Pelco’s first PTZ camera that features 4K resolution, which means security personnel can see more than ever before. This surveillance solution provides expansive coverage within a scene while offering detailed, identifiable information such as faces or license plates. An operator can also use the 20X optical zoom or the 12X digital zoom features for even more clarity when monitoring areas of interest. And with up to 30 images per second at 4k (60 ips for lower resolutions), this camera is suitable for airports with strict regulations regarding image speed. Finally, Electronic Image Stabilization helps operators reduce blurring when the camera is shaking, which significantly enhances detection as the camera follows a subject of interest.

  1. Made to Withstand the Elements

One of the most challenging aspects of ground transportation is protecting their surveillance equipment from harsh weather such as snow, rain, or even a heat wave. The Spectra Pro 4K boasts a wide operation temperature range between–40°C to 60°C (–40°F to 140°F), which makes this camera perfect for all types of weather. What’s more, its IP66-rated metal back box construction makes this surveillance solution an even more rugged option for bus stops and other environments vulnerable to wind and dust.

The Spectra Pro 4K camera contributes towards the safety of commuters, transit employees, and property. Learn more about Pelco’s intelligent surveillance solutions by visiting our website today.