Improving Patient Care & Security Through VMS

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For decision-makers of healthcare facilities, it’s no secret that it’s a challenge to provide a safe, accessible setting for patients, staff, and visitors. Governmental regulations, workplace violence, and generally stressful environments combine to form a multi-faceted obstacle to surmount.

Facility operators must cover their bases in essentials such as asset protection, cybersecurity risks, intrusion, vandalism, and theft protection. But in order to successfully differentiate themselves as a healthcare center, they must be innovative in their efforts to improve patient care as well.

What many in the industry have yet to realize is that the solution for both security interests and improved patient care is one and the same: Pelco’s complete solution helps increase patients, visitors and staff safety while improving hospital processes, operations, and security.

In today’s Security Insights article by Pelco, we’ll explore how Pelco’s end-to-end VMS solution proactively addresses numerous challenges healthcare facilities face in a reliable and scalable way.

evolutionComplex Challenges

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face a multitude of complex challenges with operational logistics. The ceaseless stream of patients, guests, and staff leads to questions of balancing safety with operational efficiencies.

For instance, how do you allow staff to move freely throughout the hospital while ensuring potential security risks are successfully mitigated. How do you afford your personnel quick-access to medical records and EHRs while following HIPAA regulations and cybersecurity protocol?

CamerasModern Security & Surveillance Solutions

Pelco’s groundbreaking VMS solution closes security gaps while providing healthcare facilities a competitive advantage via sophisticated patient care. Below, we analyze a few of the many ways in which Pelco’s VMS and CCTV technology can supplement operations and patient care.

HospitalOptimized Patient Care Processes

Pelco’s scalable, integrative VMS allows security departments the ability to remotely manage security concerns with cloud aggregation and alerts. With deep learning analytics, heat mapping, and on-premise monitoring and diagnosis, your security personnel won’t miss a thing. For instance, our technology is designed to address real-world situations, such as optimizing response time after someone falls to minimize negative consequences. Additional relevant technologies we provide include:

  • Advanced motion detection
  • Loitering analytics
  • Tripwire and trespass
  • Access control
  • Facial recognition
  • People tracking

The sum of these technologies is one that staff, patients, and guests can be excited about; our Video Management System creates a safe environment for patients and an efficient workplace for personnel. With a scalable, integrated security system from Pelco, you can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information without disrupting the day-to-day activities of doctors and nurses.

Patient Care 2

angleConsider Pelco

We at Pelco are acutely aware of the diverse set of challenges that healthcare facilities face. And although we aren’t able to address every unique concern in a single article, our video surveillance cameras and video management solutions are designed to improve safety and increase operational efficiency in practical, real-world ways.

“We use the video for so many things. We’ve used cameras to prevent theft and vehicle break-ins. We’ve even used them to pinpoint patient incidents, which has helped clinical staff determine their treatment.” – Ron Coles, Director of University of Arizona Medical Center – South Campus Safety and Security Services

With a focus on regulatory compliance in symphony with centralized and remote access, you can set your security personnel up for success with a complete, real-time picture of the facility and grounds.