How to Know if Your Business Needs Custom Video Surveillance Solutions

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Imagine purchasing an entire surveillance system that never had your business in mind from the start. Whether security professionals are monitoring a hotel, special traffic pattern, or seaside oil extraction site, each environment has its own unique security needs. In the case of hotels, they might desire a more discreet strategy, where each camera blends in with its surroundings. On the other hand, a seaside oil extraction site might need cameras that can withstand corrosion and intense heat.

While there are a multitude of surveillance solutions to choose from, it is likely that the security plan includes solutions with special characteristics that may not be available in traditional offerings. To ensure the best possible protection for your guests, employees, and property, there is an option: investing in custom solutions that meet a diverse range of requirements. Enter Pelco, the only surveillance solutions provider with a Special Modification Requests (SMR) program.

Find out how Pelco’s custom video surveillance solutions can boost security for any business.

They Can Conform to Building Aesthetics and Design

When it comes to monitoring hotels and other environments where covert surveillance is desired, you can tailor your surveillance cameras to match the environment seamlessly. For instance, Pelco offers cameras and enclosures that can blend with their intended surroundings using custom colors and patterns. This results in a comfortable experience for guests and adds to the aesthetics and design of the building.

They Can Adapt to Unique Environmental Conditions

On the other hand, areas like oil extraction sites and corrections facilities need specialized surveillance options that can withstand special environmental factors. In the case of marine environments, camera enclosures may be at risk for corrosion from seawater, so being able to choose a rust-resistant material could mean the difference between a secure or unsecured area.

In corrections facilities, security personnel may need to tailor their surveillance solutions to respond to higher risks of vandalism or sabotage by utilizing enclosures or lenses with greater material durability and anti-ligature capabilities. Additionally, Pelco’s custom surveillance solutions can be leveraged to adapt to avoid obstructions or conform to unique architectural features by modifying mounts on cameras.

They Save on Installation Costs

Suppose a security operator has already invested in a surveillance system that doesn’t fully meet their needs. In this case, they can retrofit custom solutions into existing installations. For an easier way to install a surveillance system, Pelco offers cameras that have already been pre-wired and configured. This results in lower installation costs since the existing system won’t need to be replaced, and fewer resources may be needed to install pre-wired and configured cameras.

Made to Fit a Wide Range of Security Requirements

At Pelco, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all, so the right surveillance solutions should be tailored to suit the distinct requirements of each environment. Our mission is to ensure that you have the best possible surveillance strategy, so the SMR program is specifically designed to meet the demands of specialized environments.

The SMR program is a great fit for those who need innovative surveillance solutions that effectively blend in with their surroundings or have unique environmental deployment requirements such as fortified housing. We adapt our industry-leading Pelco products to fit unique applications whether the customization need is driven by aesthetics or environment. To learn more about Pelco’s SMR program, visit us here.