How AI Will Make a Major Difference in the Entertainment Industry

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The convergence of video surveillance and artificial intelligence has surely made significant gains in the way we keep people and places safe, as well as how we improve the operational efficiency of our businesses. This is especially true for casinos and other entertainment locations.

AI is changing the landscape of video surveillance in gaming environments, here’s how:

Automatic Alerts

By combining behavioral analysis as well as more traditional boundary-based analytics suspicious activity can instantly be spotted and brought to the attention of staff to review. Add in the casino analytics software monitoring the dealers and players at the tables, and a complete operational oversight of the gaming areas can be provided.

With Pelco’s VideoXpert, casinos can enhance the security of guests, employees, and property. VideoXpert includes a variety of features that help security teams identify and respond to problems much more quickly and reliably than in the past.

Facial and Object Recognition

In terms of facial recognition technology, whilst we are not yet at a point where we can pinpoint a single suspect in a crowd of a million people with a high level of confidence, great strides are being made. Being able to compare individuals walking into a property with a list of known banned subject or person of interest can provide the opportunity to proactively respond to potential situations rather than having to deal with matters after the fact.

Casino operators should look for a VMS that is compatible with leading facial recognition vendors, so automatic alerts can be sent to the appropriate personnel when a banned or unauthorized person is detected.

Pattern Analysis

AI has massively improved object recognition and alerts, but that’s not where AI is going to make the only difference. Instead, AI will make big waves in Pattern Analysis Technology (PAT). PAT picks up on behavioral patterns on a macro scale, such as average crowd levels during a particular time of day or the average amount of time it takes for a person to play a game of blackjack.

After this learning period, the system can then detect events that stand out from typical behaviors and patterns, such as a person staying at the blackjack table for hours on end. Security personnel in entertainment spaces can then quickly make response recommendations to the appropriate authorities, which increases the chance that the breach will be successfully addressed.

Pelco is proud to serve the gaming industry with video surveillance solutions that boost safety all year round. Learn more about our surveillance solutions today.