Hitting Security Out of the Park for the 2018 World Series

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Baseball isn’t known for violence, either on or off the field. Brawls between players usually end quickly and fans of opposing teams coexist in the stands peacefully. But make no mistake: security is a big deal for every Major League Baseball team, particularly during the annual best-of-seven championship series that 115 million people tune into every October—the World Series.

The surveillance personnel at the two stadiums hosting the World Series are on high alert for a variety of potential security issues. The sheer number of people at the games —between 35-60,000 fans attend each game —makes the stadium a target for terrorism. Large crowds both in and around the stadium make attractive targets for pickpockets. Heavy drinking by fans before and during the game can lead to fights. Finally, there are health and safety risks that aren’t brought on by bad behavior but simply bad luck, such as car accidents in the parking lot or serious medical events, like heart attacks or strokes.

Major League stadiums have always had a variety of security measures in place, but in recent years they have intensified these measures, particularly during the World Series. Since 2015, all attendees are subject to metal detectors upon entering stadiums. Stadiums have also placed new restrictions on the types of bags that are allowed into the stadium to reduce the chance that somebody can smuggle a prohibited item past security.

Above all else, the big change in stadium security has come from enhanced surveillance technology, notably Video Management Systems that leverage high-definition video and intelligent analytics.

Pelco has been at the forefront of this transformation, offering end-to-end surveillance solutions to major event and sports venues, including Chase Field, home of the 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks.

VideoXpert, Pelco’s latest Video Management System (VMS), has become an attractive option for stadiums because it combines sophisticated analytics and industry-leading video cameras with a simple, intuitive interface that employees new to the surveillance industry can quickly be trained on.

Here are some of the game-changing analytic tools that many Pelco customers choose to implement via VideoXpert:

  • People Counter: Management knows when and where foot traffic is heaviest. When fans are piling into the stadium before a big game, being able to hone in on suspicious activity or blockage at entry gates is extremely helpful.
  • Intrusion Detection: Alerts security teams to unauthorized entrances, while filtering out the types of things that often cause false alarms.
  • Facial Recognition: Spots people who have been barred from facilities due to past problems. This is one less thing for security personnel at the gates to have to worry about.
  • Unaccompanied Object Identification: Available natively on Pelco cameras, this feature notifies staff of objects, such as a bag or backpack, that have been left behind. This serves as a critical security feature to notify staff of potential bombs, but it can also serve an important customer service function by helping staff recover lost items for guests.
  • License Plate Recognition: Cars linked to suspicious behavior on the premises can be quickly identified.

Pelco makes these analytics available through native, on-camera support, and through seamless integrations with strategic analytic partners. To learn more about these analytics, contact our Pelco sales team today.

A smooth entry process, coupled with video surveillance and groundbreaking intelligent analytics undoubtedly play a larger role in ensuring that the World Series remains an exciting yet peaceful and safe American pastime.