Highlighting The Use Of VMS & CCTV In Healthcare

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Video surveillance systems offer a cost-effective, efficient solution for comprehensive security coverage in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In order to keep patients, visitors, staff, and sensitive data both safe and secure, healthcare facilities need to implement modern, regimented Environment of Care standards as a baseline. However, the very best CCTV and VMS providers offer tailored security solutions which not only increase safety, but also improve operational efficiency and patient satisfaction in an array of tangible ways.

In today’s Security Insights blog, we take the opportunity to highlight four key uses of VMS and CCTV: improving hospital safety and security, monitoring high-risk patients, increasing hospital operations and services, and advancing clinical medicine through the use of new technologies.

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Use Of VMS & CCTV In Healthcare

VMS (video management system) solutions are security camera systems supported by sophisticated software which allow users to control numerous cameras from both centralized and mobile locations. For this to happen successfully, CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television cameras) are nothing short of essential. And while most any healthcare security professional worth their salt is likely to already have an intimate knowledge of VMS and CCTV and the above definitions, many could use some help connecting the dots between their facility’s unique needs and finding a security solution to address them.

For that reason, we’d like to highlight four ways that Pelco’s video management solutions specifically target the operational needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

SafetyImprove Hospital Safety & Security

From a foundational perspective, you should always be able to count on your VMS to safeguard hospital staff from workplace violence. Yet more robust security solutions give security operators the ability to prevent drug diversion and supply theft, restrict unwanted visitor access via alarm notifications, and even visualize and communicate with those in distress.

Patients.pngMonitor High-Risk Patients

The ability to continuously monitor critical-care patients is nothing short of invaluable. Pelco’s technology allows decision-makers remarkable flexibility:

  • Add live images and two-way communication to nurse call technology
  • Replace patient sitters with virtual patient watch
  • Get improved fall detection technology
  • Remotely assess patients during ambulatory transit
  • Promote independent living with home health care monitoring

HospitalIncrease Hospital Operations & Services

Pelco’s solutions reduce the need for personnel to monitor CCTVs, affording superior operational efficiency. With tailored automations to improve patient flow and service-cycle time, Pelco’s solutions are engineered to integrate with most existing infrastructures. This means your facility can offer pioneering services, such as virtually connecting new parents with their babies in the NICU, without sacrificing any degree of operational efficiency. Further, Pelco provides user-friendly, actionable Analytics to inform security personnel in the ongoing process to identify ad-hoc inefficiencies in a given facility.

medicineAdvance Clinical Medicine

From a more general perspective, VMS and CCTV in healthcare help progress clinical medicine in several ways. For one, healthcare facilities have the newfound ability to use video to aid in remote diagnosis. Alternatively, broadcasting cutting-edge surgical techniques to a worldwide medical community is nothing short of ground-breaking!

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Get In Touch With Pelco

Pelco offers end-to-end solutions that target the real-world needs of healthcare facilities. We start with addressing fundamental security coverage and expand to improve operational efficiencies in a way that is both reliable and scalable — with customized functionality for seamless integration. Beyond that, you can count on our solutions to be tailored to the healthcare industry; we meet industry standards for camera and recording specifications that are unique to hospitals and healthcare facilities, taking one more thing to worry about off of your plate.

If you want to increase your healthcare facility’s safety with a cost-effective, robust security solution, get in touch with Pelco at your convenience. We’d love to learn more about your organization and how we can be part of your continuing success.