Here’s How Any Industry Can Boost Security with Pelco’s VideoXpert

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Maintaining security in large organizations mean navigating significant challenges that can increase the risk of security breaches such as theft or unauthorized entry. Thanks to advancements in video surveillance technology, operators have access to an enhanced surveillance experience, resulting in faster detection and response times. With video management systems (VMS), surveillance teams across a wide variety of industries can have a better view of what’s happening on their sites by using captured data from cameras and combining them with advanced analytics for a higher level of operational efficiency. However, advanced video management platforms can also bring new challenges.

That’s why organizations need intelligent video surveillance solutions that are hardened to address concerns in cybersecurity, for instance. Security personnel also need the ability to scale surveillance plans based on their organization’s evolving size and budget.

VideoXpert offers all the above. Our VMS is fault-tolerant, redundant, and supports failover to address data loss. It can also connect to anything from traditional analog cameras to HD IP video cameras, which allows the system to grow with the organization. Whether 20 or 20,000 cameras are needed within a facility, VideoXpert is based on an intuitive, user-friendly interface that any IT or security professional can use with ease.

Here’s a glimpse into the different types of organizations that VideoXpert serves.


As healthcare facilities grow larger and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a wide array of security risks such as unauthorized entry, but this can be largely mitigated through integrations with Access Control that help monitor physical access to the building. VideoXpert Enterprise offers a trusted and secure platform that provides healthcare facilities, including remote out-patient sites, with a peace of mind that comes with complete protection.

Law Enforcement, City Surveillance, and Traffic Monitoring

Whether it’s a busy intersection or law enforcement facility, security operators overseeing these environments need a way to tackle major security challenges such as crime, traffic congestion, or roadway accidents.

The good news is that VideoXpert integrates with numerous programs that identify and alert staff to potentially problematic behavior, such as unattended bags on a sidewalk or unauthorized vehicles in areas meant for traffic personnel. While traditional video surveillance is dependent on staff monitoring video footage, VideoXpert’s intelligent capabilities spot problems on their own through advanced analytics. An added benefit for traffic operators is that data from VideoXpert gives them the opportunity to plan and improve traffic flows.


Schools and colleges need a surveillance solution that not only integrates seamlessly into evolving site plans, but also offer potentially lifesaving features. For instance, VideoXpert is compatible with facial recognition integrations such as Rec Faces, so automatic alerts can be sent to the appropriate personnel when an unfamiliar face is detected, or when a face is obscured with a mask. VideoXpert Professional also offers a way for surveillance operators to monitor multiple campuses or halls so nothing is missed.

Commercial: Hospitality, Office, Banking, and Finance

With environments like hotels, office buildings, or banking institutions, property owners and property managers face the daunting task of ensuring the security of their employees, customers, and property.

VideoXpert’s easy-to-navigate interface provides operators with a full HD view of the property on one screen. This includes entrances, parking lots, or even cafeterias. VideoXpert can also be accessed remotely so security personnel can monitor the scene even if they’re off site. What’s more, VideoXpert supports text message alerts, which can contribute towards faster response times.


There are few places with greater surveillance demands than corrections facilities. By implementing intelligent solutions, these environments are able to enhance the security of inmates, visitors, and property. VideoXpert includes a variety of features that help security teams identify and respond to problems much more quickly and reliably than in the past. Automated alerts notify personnel of unattended items or people who are moving in the wrong direction through an entrance.

The increased automation allows the personnel to spend less time monitoring the video and more time addressing the issues that the VMS has identified. Ultimately, surveillance strategies become more efficient as the collaboration capabilities allow personnel to consult the information from multiple places in one single user interface. It provides the ability to export and pursue investigation with minimal delay.

Critical Infrastructure

For many public and private institutions like port security, critical infrastructure and public safety initiatives have called for the deployment of a variety of video security technologies.Whether security is needed for bridges, airports, or seaports, VideoXpert is sure to meet the challenging demands of securing the world’s critical infrastructure for increased overall safety for citizens and staff with a performance-oriented, intuitive user interface that provides a superior user experience.


The gaming industry faces significant challenges in security and fraud reduction: safeguarding guests and employees, protecting critical assets, and striving to gather intelligence to prevent major breaches and fraud. Stringent regulations must also be followed to maintain the integrity of operations and comply with governing bodies.

With VideoXpert, casino surveillance departments can gather data and address threats in real-time. Our VMS is a critical tool that allows operators to investigate events quickly while mitigating future risk.

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