Get the Best Experience Possible with Your Pelco Products.

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Every day, we receive hundreds of support requests from customers who need help with their system. Over 90% of the time, these issues could have been prevented with proper planning and training. At Pelco, we want our customers to have the best experience possible with their video management system. To help ensure this, we’ve put together a list of the top areas that you can focus on to prevent system issues and get the most out of your Pelco products.

Training is the first step.

The first step to enhancing your experience is with training. Like everything in life, tasks become easier with practice. Even with an intuitive system like VideoXpert, it’s still important to have a strong understanding of the product feature set, proper usage, and best practices.

Ensuring that you and your team are comfortable with your system will help avoid unnecessary frustration and lost efficiency. For example, did you know that you can configure offline notifications when your maintenance team disconnects a camera? You can also export video from several cameras at the same time for a critical investigation. With our training services, we open your mind to the different possibilities for you and your team to get the most out of your system.

Pelco offers an extensive list of training options for you and your customers. Training is available globally and is offered in-house, at your location, or virtually.

A properly designed network will make a difference.

How many times have you realized that the video quality on your system looks nothing like the sales demo you saw before the purchase? Whether it’s blocking, smearing, or tearing, we know how frustrating it can be to experience it. Perhaps your operators are regularly experiencing delayed camera call-ups, or sluggish playback. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

It goes without saying that surveillance systems can be demanding on a network. Even with advances in compression technology, they still take up significant bandwidth and network resources when hundreds or thousands of cameras are installed. And if your new VMS was installed on top of an existing network infrastructure without an upgrade or proper assessment, then you’re likely off to a poor start.

If the network is not properly designed and configured, a video management system will push your network equipment to the limit with 24×7 multicast and unicast traffic. Even the smallest hiccup will result in some video loss, and your users will notice. Prevention and correction of these issues is critical to a positive experience for the operator and the overall integrity of your video management system.

Our network services can help you audit, design, or configure your network for optimal performance.

Configure your system for your unique needs.

Video management systems like VideoXpert are extremely powerful in that you can customizable it to meet your needs. However, it’s common for customers to install a system using the default configuration. This may work for some, but if you’re like most customers, you have unique needs and expectations of your system. One of our customers’ most common challenges is that their video retention time is too short. Often, it’s because the system is configured improperly for the use case. For example, a purchased system may have been designed for 14 days of retention with only critical location cameras setup to record continuously at 30 images per second, and all other cameras on motion recording. However, the feed is only being retained for less than a week because it was configured for everything to record continuously at the highest frame rate and resolution. By the time that you find out that the retention is too short, it’s already too late and your desired event has been pruned to make room for new video. Sometimes this occurs because a change was made without understanding its impact. Other times, it’s a design or configuration error. Regardless of the challenge, these situations could have been prevented with proper configuration and planning.

Pelco’s field support services can ensure that your system is configured to meet your unique needs.

Don’t forget maintenance.

Installing a system without having a maintenance plan in mind is the perfect way to get the least out of your product. The concept of maintenance goes beyond cleaning air filters on your server (which is important for proper air flow). It also means keeping your product software up to date, auditing network performance, removing unnecessary offline devices, and conducting general cleanup of inactive user accounts and device caches.

With our remote services, we can take the burden of these tasks off your shoulders.

Get troubleshooting assistance when you need it.

Even the most tech savvy people still need effective support to maximize their surveillance experience. By maintaining a subscription to our Advanced Phone Support service , you’ll have access to our in-house team of Pelco support engineers with several years’ experience. To get the most out of this service, we recommend checking out our self-help tools on Pelco’s website in case the solution to your challenge is already available online. However, if you still need help, then give us a call and provide your clearest understanding of the issue. We also recommend that your review our Support Guide & Terms of Service for details on what to expect in the support process.

Putting it all together.

We know that you interact with a lot of equipment. Between IT products and third-party components, remembering how to troubleshoot and configure a video management system isn’t always second nature. You might also just need someone to help configure the system while your team focuses on the physical installation and other site deployment needs. Our complete offer of Pelco Professional Services is available globally to help when you need us so you can continue to protect your business from security risks.