Everything You Need to Know About Securing Healthcare Facilities

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Many healthcare facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories see anywhere from tens to thousands of patients, visitors, and staff on any given day. As global populations and access to healthcare rise, security personnel must prepare for an increased risk of attacks and other security breaches that can endanger patients and staff. And with the rise of theft and other forms of crime, these environments can become targets. Because of this, it is especially crucial that healthcare environments adopt strong procedures and technology to handle a wide variety of potential security and operational challenges.

There are also other challenges that healthcare security professionals must consider. In addition to providing a safe environment, you need ways to do so whilst minimizing costs associated with bandwidth and storage without sacrificing on quality.

Whether you’re a director of security looking for intelligent video analytics or a project manager who wants a system with a low total cost of ownership, find out how Pelco’s end-to-end surveillance solutions help meet a wide range of unique security needs tailored for a wide range of healthcare environments.

Improve Patient Safety

One way healthcare security professionals can help boost patient satisfaction and safety is to adopt surveillance solutions that are patient-focused. For example, in intensive care units where patients require continuous monitoring, VideoXpert analytics can automatically alert personnel. This allows them to focus on responding to security breaches and other incidents rather than manually observing each video feed.

Another way healthcare facilities can achieve this goal is to use a proactive approach when it comes to cybersecurity. Hospitals and clinics around the globe are experiencing increasing numbers of cyber-attacks where sensitive patient data is stolen. That’s why we design our solutions with strong security standards, and we help you develop a list of best practices that help prevent potential threats.

Enhance Visibility and Detection

When it comes to monitoring large healthcare facilities like hospitals or labs, it can be an overwhelming task to find a surveillance system that suits the unique security needs of each area. For one, receptions and check-in areas can create lighting issues where sunlight from the entrance can take over darker areas, and there may even be areas where lighting is either scarce or completely unavailable, so security professionals need a way to access detailed images regardless of such conditions.

With up to 120dB True Wide Dynamic Range capabilities, Sarix Professional 3 cameras can tackle areas with contrasting lighting are equalized to produce a sharp image that isn’t flooded with bright light. What’s more, it also has an IR illuminator that can detect people or objects of interest in zero light with detail.

Streamline Security Operations

As populations grow, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are expanding into additional branches. This can pose a challenge for directors or security, who are tasked with overseeing the security of the facility. With additional branches, many decision makers might have the impulse to purchase multiple VMS, but this can place major strains on budgets and complicate surveillance operations.

Maximize Healthcare Security Budgets

Healthcare facilities, like all business, need ways to maximize their budgets. The challenge, however, is installing an intelligent surveillance system that won’t require directors of security or project managers to sacrifice quality or safety. Through h.265 and Pelco Smart Compression technologies, security personnel can experience high-quality video while also saving on bandwidth and storage costs.

Another obstacle that many hospitals and clinics experience is the incidence of false injury claims or other forms of fraud, which can take up unnecessary time and resources to resolve. To mitigate these kinds of incidents, security professionals can count on Pelco’s high-resolution cameras to capture detailed, forensic-quality evidential video that can be shared with the appropriate authorities if needed.

From minimizing costs to providing guests with a safe experience, Pelco provides healthcare security professionals with everything they need for a robust surveillance setup. Find out more about our full range of security solutions or request a demo today.