Everything You Need to Know about Securing Commercial Environments

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Monitoring commercial environments, whether it means overseeing a shopping centre, hotel, or office complex, bring an array of challenges for even the most seasoned security professional.

A major challenge for any size commercial building is the ability to adequately manage security in spaces such as parking lots, lobbies, or restricted areas. Having on-site personnel may be cost-prohibitive for many property managers.

Whether you’re experiencing high downtime, scaling your security plan, or managing your bandwidth costs, find out how Pelco provides the commercial industry with tailored solutions that address unique surveillance challenges.

Office Complexes

In lobbies and reception areas, security operators face challenges such as maximizing visibility with cameras that don’t place strains on budgets. The good news is that 4 distinct, independently maneuverable sensors from a single mount point can help you experience maximized visibility in wide or large areas. Budgets can also be controlled by eliminating the need for four separate cameras.

Another way we help protect office complexes is by providing solutions that offer sharp images in areas with insufficient light or contrasting lighting conditions in one scene.

And when it comes to monitoring parking lots, our automatic license plate recognition software allows security managers to compare captured license plate images to user lists in order to identify suspicious or distinguished individuals while establishing access control for the parking zone as a whole.

Shopping Centers

Whether it’s a small collection of retail stores or a multi-story mall, retail environments are faced with challenges relating to critical incidents such as terrorist attacks, and that’s why security professionals need a comprehensive, yet discreet video surveillance system that contributes to the safety and well-being of customers, employees, and property.

With advanced video analytics by way of real-time event detection of people, vehicles, and static objects, security operators can respond within seconds, which not only replaces manual video review, but can also mitigate property damage and potentially save lives.

Additionally, IT managers and directors in shopping centers can save on costs associated with bandwidth by using our native compression technology and h.265, the highest industry compression standard.


Hospitality environments can be complicated to manage from a security standpoint, primarily because entities usually own multiple properties, with each one having the ability to host hundreds of guests at any given time.

The main goal of any hotel security professional is to provide guests and employees with a safe and comfortable experience by mitigating risks with surveillance solutions that offer a discreet, yet effective approach.

Advanced analytics allows security managers in hotels to focus on investigating potential security breaches right when they happen. Analytics can also help ensure guest satisfaction by providing automatic alerts to security managers when a VIP guest is arriving in the lobby, so they can make the necessary arrangements for a warm welcome.

What’s more, Pelco is the only video surveillance manufacturer that offers custom solutions that seamlessly blend in with the aesthetics of the property for discreet, yet secure operations.

The Bottom Line

Reducing operational costs and maximizing staff productivity allows security professionals in the commercial industry to provide employees, guests, and visitors with a safe, productive environment, which benefits the entire surveillance team.

Find out more about how Pelco provides commercial environments with versatile video surveillance solutions by scheduling a demo.