Enhancing Perimeter Security with Video Surveillance and Intelligent Analytics

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Securing perimeters, whether they surround an airport, seaport, or an oil & gas facility, require a layered approach. Installing a fence or a few surveillance cameras, for instance, might help prevent security breaches to a certain degree, but they aren’t enough to totally secure a perimeter. Fences can be climbed and cameras don’t do much to stop a crime from happening unless an operator monitors the video feed at the precise time the event is taking place.

Such facilities demand automated surveillance solutions that detect and alert security personnel to suspicious activity. That’s why organizations with perimeters trust Pelco to provide them with video surveillance solutions such as our VideoXpert VMS, which leverages advanced analytics to secure perimeters around the world.

Pelco’s high-quality surveillance solutions begin with its world-class video cameras that can be customized to address distinct challenges in each site. Operators can reduce the chances of intruders evading detection with the collaboration of our VMS with a PTZ surveillance camera.

These cameras work with VideoXpert to provide you with enhanced detection and visibility:

Seamless Tracking in Airports

When it comes to securing airport perimeters, security personnel need to be able to track moving objects such as a vehicle in an unauthorized area of a runway, even as it moves out of the scope of one camera. The 12 MP Optera camera helps security personnel monitor people or moving objects without worrying about obstructive sensor boundaries. With 12 MP resolution and electronic PTZ, Optera elevates both live and forensic scene analysis so no incident is missed.

A Rugged Solution for Oil & Gas Environments

Oil & gas facilities need surveillance solutions that withstand hazardous conditions such as fires or explosions so that the cause of such incidents is much more likely to be found. The ExSite Enhanced is explosion proof and contains three ratings for ingress protection for maximum durability. VideoXpert also boosts perimeter security by leveraging video analytics to detect and alert personnel to unauthorized entry. Operators can use VideoXpert analytics to monitor gates and other physical barriers as well as establish a virtual fence around certain areas of interest.

Maximized Visibility for Seaports

Whether it’s rainfall or a snowstorm, Pelco’s Esprit Enhanced camera takes on the elements without compromising its capabilities, which can reduce overall maintenance costs. What’s more, it maximizes visibility by providing above-the-horizon coverage and white light capability.

With VideoXpert’s wide range of automated capabilities, organizations can operate with much greater confidence, knowing that their perimeter has a comprehensive security solution that keeps their facility, equipment, and employees safe.

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