Diwali Festivities Call for Increased Airport Security

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Airports across India are stepping up security measures in advance of this year’s Diwali festivities on November 7th. This comes partially in response to last year when security agents atChatarpati Shivaji International Airport responded to a bomb scare on an inbound flight from Delhi. While the threat turned out to be a hoax, air and safety officials across the country are taking additional security precautions as Diwali draws near.

With airport security officials and passengers on heightened alert during one of India’s most important holidays of the year, threats both in and around airports have increased over the past decade. As risks to air transportation grow, security professionals must keep up with technological advancements in surveillance to prevent and respond to a multitude of threat scenarios. That’s why one of the most meaningful steps airport security professionals can take is to adopt enhanced video surveillance systems that leverage the power of IP cameras and intelligent analytics.

As the first video surveillance provider to become Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified for its complete product range, Pelco is now authorized to sell its security and surveillance solutions in India, where customers can receive third-party guarantees on the quality, safety, and reliability of its products. Since BIS certification was recently made mandatory for all CCTV-products in India, security officials can choose from a diverse variety of predictive video security solutions including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services. This makes Pelco a trusted partner to many businesses and government agencies throughout India, including the air transportation industry.

Airports in India and around the world—ranging from large public facilities to smaller niche transportation sites—rely on Pelco’s surveillance solutions for robust security. Their security management and intelligent video surveillance technologies go beyond just physical products, they also provide users with a multi-layered security approach.

Pelco’s award-winning Esprit Enhanced camera complemented by its VideoXpert Video Management System (VMS) are key elements of comprehensive solutions that protect airport perimeters and exterior premises while delivering exceptional image quality and ease of integration with third-party platforms. With Pelco’s intelligent monitoring solutions, security administrators can anticipate threats before they happen, significantly minimizing risks and quickly investigating incidents. This is made possible with modern VMS solutions that can analyze live video as well as quickly glean intelligence from vast amounts of stored video data.

What’s more, intelligent features that act as predictive markers take note of physical attributes and behavior, making it easier for security administrators to identify threats. Combined with intelligent alerts such as onboard analytics that can detect wrong-way counterflow and the ability to detect potential breaches by unauthorized individuals on runways, taxiways, and airplanes, the system can also filter out false alarms (i.e. blowing debris or crossing animals). In the event of a security breach, threat, or safety incident, authorities can be alerted automatically when action is needed.

The entire suite of Pelco solutions helps to promote a more proactive approach to security. By combining video surveillance with intelligent tools such as video analytics, security officials can easily identify criminal suspects and potential vulnerabilities. They can also ensure compliance with government regulations, thanks to Pelco’s BIS certification.

From evolving terrorism threats and crime to complying with industry rules and regulations, airports must remain vigilant more than ever. Pelco security management and intelligent video surveillance technologies are built to address the broad range of airport-specific security concerns while also being scalable to handle the most stringent regulatory requirements.

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