Corporate Responsibility: Our Commitment to Mission 500

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At Pelco, we have a long tradition of helping those in need. We believe that everyone can make a difference and are proud to support our employees in their efforts around the world.

For the better part of a decade, Mission 500 has been the flagship charity for the security industry. Three years ago, we adopted them as our own flagship charity as well. To date, we have sponsored the Security 5K at ISC West, The Perfect Game softball fundraiser in New Jersey and the Canadian Hockey Classic. We have also sent several members of leadership on Mission trips to experience firsthand the extraordinary work Mission 500 carries out in impoverished communities. Most recently, Pelco helped to rebuild the home of a family in remote Appalachia. It’s through these opportunities we’re able to truly appreciate the value of our contributions.

Mission 500 is focused on channeling the efforts of those of us in the security industry to help children in need in communities throughout the world by providing a sustained flow of food, clothing, and education to those children who might otherwise be malnourished, diseased, or without the necessary skills to provide for themselves and families.

One of the main draws for us is that Mission 500 specifically helps children in need both on a global level and right here within our local community. In fact, we joined forces with Mission 500 to host a backpack build for children in our own hometown of Clovis to ensure our local children within the lowest income schools were prepared for the school year. We also enjoy the team building aspect of Mission 500, giving a central cause for our team to come together and rally behind.

Mission 500 stands out to us because the of their dedication to help disadvantaged youth around the world. We like that we can make a positive difference in the lives of children. We also like that as a global company, we are able to contribute to improving the lives of children in all of the communities our team represents.

To learn more about Mission 500 and how you or your business can support their initiatives, please visit Together we can educate, heal, nourish and inspire.