Common Security Challenges The Hospitality Industry Faces

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Business owners in the hospitality industry face an unprecedented number of security concerns in 2019. Hoteliers and security managers of similar establishments are tasked with balancing guest experience next to safety and security — of both the guests themselves and their confidential data.

In today’s Security Insights blog, we address several of the most common challenges security managers in the hospitality industry must contend with in 2019. Read on if you are interested in learning how Pelco’s commercial surveillance solutions can give your establishment a competitive edge in your industry!

medicineBalancing Guest Experience & Security

Hospitality managers’ prime concern is to attract an ample number of guests while reducing how many hindrances they must experience to access their facilities. Hoteliers, for instance, have to weigh the costs and benefits of enforcing security measures which are cumbersome to guests.

Hence, the name of the game becomes finding security solutions which minimize any negative impact on customer experience. In a perfect world, guests would be completely unaware of the various security measures in place at your establishment. But the reality is that criminal activity is all too common within the hospitality vertical; credit card fraud, ATM theft, and physical crimes remain prevalent, and as such must be dealt with.

Below, we underline five security challenges unique to the hospitality sector, after which we’ll highlight Pelco’s robust commercial surveillance and security solutions.

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SecuritySecurity Challenges Unique To The Hospitality Sector

  • Guest Safety – Keeping guests safe is a self-evident virtue, but it also helps ensure a positive reputation and return visits/bookings. It’s true that equipping your establishment with a basic CCTV camera system will help deter physical crime to a certain extent, yet state-of-the-art VMS systems allow security personnel to respond immediately to an event. Because automated monitoring of situations occurs in real-time, both on-site and remotely if required, response time to an event is dramatically reduced.
  • Centralized, Remote Management – While having a centralized, remote station to manage numerous individual hotels can make sense from a personnel standpoint, it can present problems from an operational perspective. But when multiple individual properties are owned by a single entity, decision makers can be obligated to choose between function and value. With Pelco’s VMS solution, we provide the best of both worlds, offering functionality with local monitoring and diagnostics supported by cloud aggregation. This affords hotels with centralized, remote management the ability to respond to security threats in real-time, often with fewer staff members required than before.
  • Data Security – Given the complex ownership structures that often exist in the hospitality sector, maintaining data security can be challenging, especially when there’s a franchisor and/or third-party management company involved. While this is a nuanced topic, the best first step managers can take is to know where your data is and to know who has access to it.
  • Loss Prevention – It should come as no surprise that guests tend to be very grateful for the various video surveillance measures in place if and when they need it; video surveillance systems help management locate lost or stolen possessions of guests on a regular basis in many hospitality environments. Nevertheless, loss prevention investigation is a time-consuming enterprise; investigations can be long and tedious while guests usually expect the lost item to be found if the establishment is equipped with VMS. This is exactly why Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system has been designed with motion detection analytics and other intuitive features, in effect keeping your operations efficient and your guests satisfied.
  • Staff Training – Given the digitalization of the 21st-century, it’s easy to bypass the human variable of the equation in favor of focusing on cybersecurity concerns. Nevertheless, your security staff is an inseparable part of the figuring because it is they who will analyze, interpret, and respond to security alerts of all kinds. This is why it’s vital to make time for safety meetings, monitor employee activities, and ensure you hire intelligently. For our part at Pelco, we provide efficient training programs coupled with user-friendly, intuitive platforms to ensure streamlined integration with your existing operations.

Challenges like these leave owners and managers with a choice — find a practical security solution to supplement your existing infrastructure, or stick your head in the sand while wishing the problem would take care of itself.

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Pelco is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of video security solutions including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services. And though we operate on an enterprise level, it’s our customized video surveillance solutions coupled with our personal engagement with customers that drives our success.

In addition, you can always count on Pelco to meet industry standards for camera and recording specifications for a range of protocols unique to specific verticals, such as local government regulatory requirements, NDAA compliance standards, cybersecurity protocol, open architecture platforms, or integration with third-party systems.

From our VideoXpert video management platform to our industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, we offer commercial security solutions tailored to the unique needs of establishments in the hospitality sector.

If you’d like to make your establishment a place that is both safer and operationally efficient, reach out to us at Pelco to learn more about our products, solutions, and professional services — all of which can be tailored to your distinct needs.