Mounting Security Pressure Placed on Cities by Covid-19

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As cities around the world are slowly reopening their daily operations, city officials are analyzing their security strategies and systems to ensure that they can meet the new demands that COVID-19 has placed on these locales. Social distancing measures, such as restrictions on the number of people that can gather in one place and the closure of certain facilities like parks, are taxing city resources and placing high demand on law enforcement officials. With so much uncertainty, the need for reliable security solutions that can help keep a city’s operations functioning at the highest levels is evident.
Not only has COVID-19 placed tremendous pressure on law enforcement’s ability to enforce and monitor restricted activity, but it has also strained the already shrinking city budgets. With Pelco’s comprehensive solutions, cities have the ability to realize cost savings, operational efficiency and compliance oversight – all of which are of the utmost importance.

Cost Savings
•Pelco’s Smart Compression reduces storage costs to preserve video quality, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70% so users can continuously monitor activity without taking up valuable space on the network.
•VideoXpert’s open and scalable system is easy to install and deploy and offers a robust feature set that allows municipalities to leverage existing video infrastructure and save money on additional capital expenses. Additionally, as an integrated solution that provides monitoring of multiple areas from one location, operators can view multiple areas in a city.
•Industry-leading surveillance technology gives you the ability to see all angles and details of a scene with a limited number of cameras and in all lighting conditions, ensuring the video captured is usable.

Operational Efficiency
•VideoXpert’s event management software enables an operator to automate tasks and alerts which can improve an operator’s incident response time. The system’s event viewer displays all relevant information with multiple search parameters, reducing event investigation time, which means security leaders have all of the information they need in the event of an emergency.
•Pelco Camera Link enables operators to link specific cameras to track a person of interest and provide additional information to law enforcement.
•Pelco’s Edge Analytics provides real-time continuous monitoring with motion detection, directional motion, camera sabotage/maintenance, and loitering detection.

Compliance Oversight
•VideoXperts’s Advanced Analytics Suite aids in compliance of social distancing rules via algorithms powered by deep learning technology that can detect and classify objects based on built-in training. It can also track more than 200 objects, and real-time speed at 10 fps.
•SureVision low-light technology enables users to capture the best possible image in little or no light conditions, making it possible to identify people who are in restricted areas.

Cities need comprehensive solutions to meet the added challenges that COVID-19 has presented to law enforcement officials and city leaders. We can help build your tool kit and address these challenges together.