Choosing A Surveillance Provider Who Values and Protects Privacy

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At Pelco, we firmly believe that the data revolution in which we’re playing an active role will make the world a better place.

On a daily basis, we see the value that predictive analytics provides to communities around the globe. Traffic managers rely on us to reduce congestion, pollution, and accidents. Police leverage our solutions to react to situations more quickly and to investigate past incidents.

However, with the great power that data brings comes great responsibility for all of those involved, from vendors to end-users. For entities that are looking to invest in surveillance solutions, it’s important to consider what your approach to safeguarding data and privacy will be. It’s just as critical that you ensure that you are working with a solution provider who can accommodate your values.


Above all else, you need to make sure that your surveillance solutions don’t risk running afoul of the law. Laws on privacy and data differ dramatically based on your location. A notable example is the General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR, which is a comprehensive set of privacy regulations that apply in every European Union member country. In the United States, there are federal regulations as well as state and local rules that occasionally impose stricter standards.

Navigating the legal landscape for surveillance, data protection and privacy is not something that you should leave up to a quick Google search. If your entity has access to lawyers, then get in touch with them and give them time to consider the issue and develop recommendations.

What are your options?

You always have options when it comes to surveillance solutions. At Pelco, we offer a range of customizations aimed at privacy protection.

One of our most popular customizations is “Window Blanketing.” “Window Blanketing” blocks the surveillance camera from viewing anything that’s happening behind a window. This means that people who live on the street can be assured that the camera is shooting footage of what is occurring in the public domain but they don’t have to worry about the camera peering into their homes.

Not only is it important to choose a surveillance provider that is dedicated to protecting the privacy of customers and the general population, it is also critical that the company be able to demonstrate that it has strong measures in place to protect sensitive data from being compromised.

Pelco’s engineers and product managers take every precaution to prevent known privacy and security risks from occurring by implementing major IP-based protocols aimed at delivering security on network devices such as https, 802.1x, authentication, etc. When new risks arise, Pelco engineers immediately address the situation to eliminate the risk as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Asking the tough questions

Make sure your surveillance provider can provide you with clear responses to questions about how their solutions can accommodate your organization’s privacy standards. A stated commitment to privacy and data security is easy; it also proves that commitment through evidence will distinguish those who can serve your needs from those who can’t.

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