Chaos to Control: How VideoXpert 3.5 Offers Security Professionals a Seamless Approach to Surveillance

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Are you in control of your surveillance system, or is it in control of you? Implementing the right video management system for businesses with a large area to observe or multiple locations can mean the difference between seamless, efficient operations and total chaos in the control room.

With VideoXpert 3.5, security professionals who are looking to increase the effectiveness of their surveillance strategy can now access a user-friendly, stable, scalable, and secure platform to monitor activity within their business.

Here are three key features that help security departments achieve proactive, streamlined operations.

  1. Greater Monitor Wall Control

One way security professionals can take back control of surveillance plans is through VideoXpert’s enhancement to monitor wall capabilities by providing a comprehensive range of information about the scene. The VMS also allows personnel to use multiple input methods to control the video wall based on the user.

The use of a joystick-style keyboard such as our KBD5000 keyboard, an optimized space mouse, or a traditional keyboard and mouse are all options security professionals can take to control the Monitor wall and make the most out of their displays. Additionally, an update to Shared Display means two monitors on one screen can be viewed for maximized functionality.

  1. Proactive Protection for Backup Video

When it comes to the peripheral aspects of surveillance set-ups, it is easy to overlook backup data such as video stored directly on cameras. In case of a network issue that prevents security professionals to view live video, the SD card inside the camera allows for backup video that can fill the gaps that occurred when the network was down and automatically replenished the video onto the VMS once the network connection is reestablished.

VideoXpert 3.5 can now monitor the health of SD cards, and even sends automated alerts to the appropriate personnel when an issue has been detected. This way, the card can be proactively repaired or replaced before backup data is lost.

  1. Convenient and Secure Access

Another way that VideoXpert 3.5 streamlines security operations is through Single Sign On. Instead of the IT or security department receiving a flood of calls about forgotten passwords, Single Sign On provides security professionals a convenient, yet secure way to access the VMS, using established company policies and procedures allowing them more time to monitor and respond to incidents.

Whether 20 or 20,000 cameras are needed, VideoXpert is based on an intuitive, user-friendly interface that aims to transform your surveillance strategy.

Click here for a download of VideoXpert 3.5.