Artificial Intelligence: An Operationally Efficient Solution

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The term artificial intelligence has become a buzzword in recent times. You see it used to describe practically any technological innovation. However, Stuart Rawling, the VP Market Strategy here at Pelco, advises against such conflation and instead offers up a crucial distinction when discussing AI:

A lot of the technology we’ve been talking about come from the artificial intelligence research space, but the algorithms themselves are not intelligent. But what they do provide…they provide a means to provide better information to us as human operators to be able to make better decisions.

In this blog, we analyze how artificial intelligence is the platform on which organizations can work to make better-informed decisions while solving operational inefficiencies at the root level.

More Than Cameras

As Pelco — and the industry at large — learns to harness artificial intelligence more effectively, it’s allowed us to think differently about the future of video security solutions from an operational perspective.

The days of considering cameras as mere optical devices are long gone. We combine the camera with artificial intelligence-based algorithms and a sophisticated video management system to deploy a robust, data-rich sensor which provides the opportunity for multiple data inputs.

In the same way, the VMS is no longer a mere video management storage system, but rather a database for all of the information.

Stuart explains what this means to operators in a practical sense: “When an operator wants to see what happened, they usually look at the video data. But they can find what happened by describing the events themselves in a textual format…But that description of the event is compared against the database of data that’s being generated from all of those different analytics.

Diversity Of Benefits

Employing such VMS solutions allows organizations to improve in myriad ways, from solving downtime issues on TSA checkpoints or being able to make informed decisions without deploying human assets.

We’re on the cusp of a real big change in the way we use data, the way we gather data, and ultimately the way we operate all of our facilities and all of our security appliances around the world.

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