A New Generation: Meet the Camera Series that Keeps Healthcare Environments Secure

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Hospitals must seek affordable methods to increase surveillance coverage in a variety of conditions. They also need ways to maintain a high level of patient privacy and safety in such environments.

Meet Pelco’s Sarix Professional Series 3, which includes a range of affordable indoor and outdoor cameras to maximize your video security options and help protect patients, staff, and visitors around the clock.

Here’s how Pelco’s latest generation of Sarix Professional cameras enhances your surveillance experience in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

  1. It Tackles Areas with Difficult Lighting Conditions

When it comes to securing healthcare environments, it can be a major challenge to adopt cameras that can adapt to changing or difficult lighting conditions. With up to 120dB True Wide Dynamic Range, Sarix Pro Series 3 cameras can bring out crucial detail for maximized visibility in areas such as corridors, hallways, entrances, and exits where lighting is either insufficient or contains both very bright and dark areas in one scene. What’s more, the adaptive IR illuminator produces detailed images even in zero light and preserves detail as objects approach the camera, which helps to keep healthcare environments secure.

  1. It Provides Detailed Coverage Over Larger Areas

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities also need detailed, expansive coverage of wide or spacious areas such as waiting rooms, reception areas, and cafeterias so that nothing is missed. With resolutions up to 5MP, these cameras deliver sharp images even while covering larger areas. You can also zoom in for forensic-level detail with up to 5MP at 30 FPS. This level of clarity allows you to capture crucial identifiers such as faces and license plates.

  1. Public Areas are Protected From Damage

In public areas, the risk of vandalism and environmental damage is something that security professionals need to address. That’s why public hospitals and pharmacies need rugged surveillance solutions that stand up to vandalism and the elements. With IK10-rated impact resistance and vandal-resistant hardware, Sarix Pro Series 3 bullet, wedge, and box cameras are also designed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures.

  1. Get the Most out of Healthcare Budgets

Since budgets can be limited in certain healthcare environments, it is crucial that they have access to surveillance solutions that help reduce costs where possible. One way to save costs is to take advantage of a fast, easy, and affordable installation process with multiple power options and one wire that can be used to connect any Sarix Pro Series 3 camera. And with Pelco Smart Compression technology and h.265, the most efficient video compression standard, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have access to the great detail these cameras provide that won’t strain storage budgets.

Pelco’s Sarix Pro 3 Fixed IP cameras offer healthcare environments full-featured, yet affordable surveillance solutions that allow staff to focus on providing patients with a safe and comfortable experience.

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