6 Questions Gaming Professionals Should Ask at ASIS

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ASIS has long been one of the most important and influential trade shows for security professionals, allowing industry veterans, newbies, and everyone in between the chance to connect, share ideas, receive industry-leading education, and discover evolving trends in the security industry that will help them protect their business, employees and assets. For gaming professionals, ASIS is an excellent opportunity to improve their critical security operations and ensure their systems are dynamic, high-performing, and efficient. While you attend ASIS 2017, here are some essential questions for gaming professionals to keep in mind:

What products will keep my casino in compliance?
Compliance is the foundation on which all gaming security is built, and creating a security system that remains compliant is the first thing you should look for at ASIS. Keep an eye out not only for regulation-compliant designs, but also for future-proof technology that’s scalable and runs in a variety of environments.

What integrations do you offer to help prevent threats ?
Integrations are the latest method by which security technology offers value to gaming businesses. Perimeter detection, movement analysis, and mapping technology aligning potential incidents with cameras are just some of the integrations available with security cameras and video management systems (VMS) to assist in securing casinos and other gaming locations.

Do you offer partitioning on your VMS for large operations?
Gaming security operations are often vast and complex, with different needs for different parts of the facility and a variety of security and non-security teams working each sector of the facility. Many manufacturers allow partitioning on their VMS, to delegate certain parts of the system to certain users, allowing for greater focus and efficiency in your security operations.

Do your products integrate with other building automation products?
With so much of a gaming facility automated, security systems that work with the rest of your facility’s operations can be essential in creating a system that operates and communicates efficiently to mitigate risk and de-escalate threats. Ask exhibitors if their products integrate with access control, elevators, point-of-sale, and other networked devices.

Do you have any gaming case studies?
If a manufacturer or integrator has worked with gaming businesses before, they’ll have experience and knowledge that can streamline your security system, ensure that you’re getting proper ROI, and account for intangibles in installation, maintenance, and operations. Ask exhibitors if they have case studies that show their gaming experience.

Is there a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the floor that can discuss gaming solutions?
A case study is a great way to determine best fit, but an SME is better. If there’s someone on the floor specifically designated to talk about gaming solutions, they’ll be able to answer specific questions about your business that might otherwise go unanswered, and discuss specific solutions that would work for your business. If an SME is available, they’re the best bet.

Gaming security is a complex organism, presenting extremely specific challenges and requiring solutions beyond the needs of most security systems. Luckily, trade shows like ASIS present a variety of options with manufacturers working at the top of the industry to provide the solutions you need. Keeping these six questions in mind when you walk the trade show floor will help you craft the dynamic solution you require.

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