3 Ways Security Cameras Benefit Schools

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School Safety and Security have never been more top of mind issues. From theft to vandalism to bullying to physical violence to unauthorized visitors, staff and faculty can’t be everywhere. One option many schools have started to turn to is investing in security cameras.

By installing security cameras in and around schools, you extend the sight of your support beyond the physical space they’re in at any given moment. Security cameras help schools respond to an array of problems that compromise staff and student safety and cost the school money.

How Security Cameras Help

1. Catch and Address Bullying

Elementary Age Bullying in Schoolyard

The problem: Parents are complaining about their kids being bullied and your teachers can see signs of fighting when students return to class after lunch. Every day the teachers on lunch duty in the cafeteria do their best to spot the problem behaviors and step in, but cafeterias are large and there just isn’t enough staff to catch every incident or know who started the event.

The solution: Installing a panoramic camera, much like Pelco’s Evolution 180 camera, along the perimeter of the cafeteria will provide a full panoramic view of the space. School staff will have a clear and instantaneous record of any incidents that occur in the cafeteria, right down to a visual of the faces of the students involved. With evidence of what happened during the incident, administrators can determine how best to proceed to keep fights from happening in the future. The presence of cameras throughout the space can further serve as a visual deterrent to keep many incidents from happening to begin with.

2. Provide a Deterrent for Vandalism

Young Graffiti Artists Drawing GraffitiThe problem: The kids at your school may be great kids, but some students get a thrill from committing minor crimes like vandalism. Every time they do, it costs the school money to repair and replace whatever has been damaged.

The solution: By adding Pelco’s Evolution 180 cameras along the outside of the school, you can eliminate blind spots and capture a record of incidents of vandalism. With cameras tough enough to be used outdoors that offer strong visual capabilities both during the day and night, you’ll always know the full story behind the damages you might find in the morning.

Learning the story of vandalism after the fact still leaves you with a problem you have to clean up. The students most likely to commit vandalism usually only do so when they think no one’s looking. Once students know the cameras are there and that they’re always recording, their behavior will change and your school can stop dealing with the obnoxious and costly graffiti or broken windows you deal with now.

3. Stay Within Budget


The problem: Schools have limited budgets to spend each year and it’s a struggle to cover your staffing and educational needs, much less the security needs you know you have to address.

The solution: Security cameras can help you keep your students safer and keep costs down. The right security cameras won’t blow your budget, but will help you gain full visibility of what is happening in your school – with no blind spots and the visual detail to recognize faces.

Whether you are installing a new surveillance system or adding to an existing system, the Evolution 180 is an affordable camera that’s easy to fit into your budget. It’s easy to install, so you spend less in labor costs. It’s 180-degree panoramic coverage means that fewer cameras need to be purchased to cover the same area. Unlike many fish-eye panoramic cameras, the Evo 180 de-warps the image, so you can clearly see undistorted faces, and events as they unfold. Moreover, the Evolution 180 is compatible with many modern video management systems (VMS), including Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS, so it is often added to existing surveillance systems at no additional cost.

Investing sooner than later in Pelco’s Evolution 180 cameras may take some additional budget planning but keeping your students and staff protected and safe for many years to come far outweighs the cost.