Community Events

September 11th Memorial Ceremony 

The September 11th Memorial Ceremony has been a proud Pelco tradition, where local agencies come together in commemoration of the Anniversary of September 11, 2001 and to recognize the many heroic sacrifices that were made on this day.  The solemn and respectful ceremony is held at the California Memorial.  


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Special Education Kids Day


Kids Day- County Fair took place on May 11, 2018! Kids Day was again a great success! Starting back in 2005 with 500 students in attendance, Kids Day has nearly tripled in the number of students, support staff and families attending.

This year over 1300 students and 800 support persons showed up at the Fresno County Fairgrounds to enjoy a day of fun, laughter and memories! Pelco sponsered this amazing event for students with moderate to severe disabilities to have access to resources while celebrating those with disabilities as important members within the community. Thanks to everyone that have participated over the years and all of the classrooms that have shared their memories with us. Hope to see you all out there next year!


Pelco Corporate Responsibility

Pelco has a long tradition of helping those in need. It has become a proud part of our corporate culture and is officially organized under the Schneider Electric Community Partnership Program. We believe that everyone can make a difference and are proud to support our employees in their efforts around the world.

In order to maximize the impact of our efforts, we have established a relationship with the following organizations as our primary charities and currently do not accept requests from organizations other than these charities:

 Mission 500            Red Cross

Thank you for thinking of Pelco and we wish you success in reaching your fundraising goals.

Mission 500 and World Vision

Mission 500 is part of World Vision, a humanitarian organization dedicated to children, families and communities worldwide and serving the needs of the less fortunate. Mission 500 is focused on channeling the efforts of those of us in the security industry to help needy children and communities throughout the world by providing a sustained flow of food, clothing, and education to those children who might otherwise be malnourished, diseased, or without the necessary skills to provide for themselves and families.  Pelco is proud to have Mission 500 as our flagship charity.

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Red Cross

Red Cross is part of the world’s largest humanitarian network with 13 million volunteers in 187 countries. Working together to help respond to disasters and build safer communities, each year Red Cross reaches an average of more than 100 million people across the globe.

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