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Pelco Global Training Institute

              Pelco Global Training Institute Tutorials

              Global Training Institute Tutortials

              Below are some of our most useful tutorial’s and quick reference how-to’s. The tutorials were created from customer requests and Technical Support phone reports. This is yet another way that Pelco Global Training is providing outstanding training to all our customers.

              Pelco Analytics

              NET5400T/5400T-I Analytics: Configuring video analytics on the NET5400T and NET5400T-I.


              Design Tools

              Pelco 3D Camera Design Tool: Using advanced 3D technology, the Pelco 3D Design Tool allows you to manage a virtual representation of your real-life location.


              DX4500 / DX4600 Series

              DX4500 and DX4600: Introduction and Setup: This course is designed to provide the user with a quick introduction to features on the DX4500/4600 such as user name and passwords, setup and configuration.

              DX4500 and DX4600: Network Setup: This course provides basic network setup and configuration for the DX4500/4600. Includes configuring TCP/IP, Mail and Notification settings.

              DX4500 and DX4600: PTZ Setup: Provides a brief description of PTZ setup, options and protocols for some of the most used PTZ cameras.

              DX4500 and DX4600: General Setup, Recording and Scheduling: This course is designed to give an overview of general setup of recording and scheduling within the DX4500/4600 unit.

              DX4500 and DX4600: Remote Client Setup: This interactive tutorial will guide the user through the installation and setup of the DX4500/4600 Remote Client Application.


              DX4700 / DX4800 Series

              DX4700 / DX4800 HVR Tutorial: This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide through the setup and configuration of the DX4700/DX4800 HVR systems.

              DX Series Client: This tutorial will provide users with an overview of the client software and configuration menus available for each DX system.


              DX8000 / DX8100 Series

              DX8100: Audio Card Tutorial: This tutorial will provide users a step-by-step guide through the removal and installation process of the DX8100 PCI Capture Cards.

              DX8100 KBD300A: This interactive training overview will provide a guide for users of the DX8100 wishing to connect a KBD300A to their unit.

              DX8100: HDD Change Tutorial: This tutorial explores the internal components of a DX8100 and provides a step-by-step process to aid in the removal, or upgrade of a Hard Disk Drive.

              DX8100: HDD Process: This training will explore the Hard Disk Drive removal process necessary for the DX8100 Field Replacement Program.

              DX8100: Monitor Output Characteristics: This course provides an overview of the monitor output characteristics of a DX8100 v1.2 and newer unit.

              DX8100: Password Information: This course provides the user with the default passwords of DX8000 and DX8100 units, logging-in and shut-down passwords, exit to Windows password, remote client passwords and how to edit passwords.

              DX8100: Remote Client Setup: This tutorial provides users with a step-by-step guide to download, install and use the DX8100 Remote Client application. The tutorial includes a quick introduction to defaults such as user name, passwords, and menus.

              DX8100: User Setup: This course is designed to introduce new users to general function of the DX8000 and DX8100 functions such as, default user accounts, adding new users, groups, login features, access levels and camera security access.


              Digital Sentry

              DS Software Intallation: (v7.3.54) This tutorial will guide you through a step by step installation of the latest DSSRV software for configuring a Stand-alone system or a Distributed system and the Quick Setup Wizard.

              DS Software Installation: (v7.1.90) This tutorial will guide you through a step by step installation of the latest DS software and the Quick Setup Wizard for configuring a Stand-alone system or a Distributed system.

              Digital Sentry: General Setup I: This course provides a brief overview of DigitalSentry, Passwords, Users, Configuration and General Information.

              Digital Sentry: IP Camera Setup - General Setup II: Provides procedures and processes to aid in setting up IP Cameras on DigitalSentry. Includes password, setup and configuration information.

              Digital Sentry: Adding Cameras - General Setup III: This course is designed to familiarize users with the process of adding and setting up cameras on the Digital Sentry. Includes setting and configuration information, motion setup, and PTZ settings.

              Digital Sentry: General Setup DSAdmin Part I: Introduction to the DSAdmin program for the DigitalSentry. Includes brief information of the tabs located within the DSAdmin application.

              Digital Sentry: General Setup DSAdmin Part II: This tutorial provides a detailed look at features and settings of the DSAdmin application. This course is supplemental to the DSAdmin Part I course.

              Digital Sentry: DSAdmin Setup User Administration: Administration guide to the DSAdmin application. Guides setup of users, permissions, managing permissions, groups and zones.

              DSSRV Field Installed Hardware: This tutorial will guide you through the installation of the DSSRV-RAID and ENC5400-2Port and ENC5400-4Port cards.

              ControlPoint: This link provides interactive tutorials to aid in configuring new systems, viewing live video, navigating the menu, and searching and exporting of video.

              ControlPoint: Windows Authentication Setup: This link provides interactive tutorial to aid in creating access groups, and assigning permissions to users.

              Active Alert

              Active Alert: This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to configuring Active Alert behaviors, DataPoint on screen counter, and viewing the behaviors on DS ControlPoint.


              EE500 Series EnduraXpress

              Hardware Setup:This interactive tutorial guides you through the proper installation of EnduraXpress.

              Startup Wizard: Use this guide to configure EnduraXpress.

              Installing Endura WS5200: This tutorial provides the proper installation steps for the Endura WS5200 Viewing Station Software.

              Endura Utilities: This tutorial is designed to help better understand installation and usage of Endura Utilities.

              Recording Setup: Learn the steps necessary to associate cameras with EnduraXpress to begin recording.

              Fiber Channel: This tutorial provides information regarding the EnduraXpress Fiber Channel option.