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                                                                                    Pelco Mobile

                                                                                    Pelco Mobile

                                                                                    Pelco Mobile™ Remote Viewing App

                                                                                    Pelco Mobile provides remote access to live video from Pelco by Schneider Electric Digital Sentry® systems, Endura® systems equipped with the SM5200 system manager, and Sarix cameras. Simultaneously connect to as many as 150 Pelco VMS systems and access up to 500 cameras from each system from anywhere over a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection. Pelco Mobile is a free application for use on smart phones or tablets and is available from the App Store and from Google Play.


                                                                                    • View live video from cameras attached to Digital Sentry® and Endura® systems using the SM5200 system manager
                                                                                    • View live images directly from Pelco IP Cameras operating on Sarix firmware version 1.7.x (or later)
                                                                                    • View up to 500 cameras per Endura® system; view up to 128 cameras per Digital Sentry® system
                                                                                    • Search function makes finding cameras easy
                                                                                    • Control PTZ cameras
                                                                                    • Onscreen application help


                                                                                    • Digital Sentry - requires Digital Sentry version 7.3.54 or above and DS Web Service 1.3 running on any off-the-shelf hardware server or on a Digital Sentry DSSRV. Visit the Digital Sentry DSSRV the free DS Web Service.
                                                                                    • Endura - requires v1.1 or above of the SM5200 System Manager
                                                                                    • Pelco IP camera direct connection - requires Sarix firmware version 1.7.x or greater
                                                                                    • Network access to the desired cameras and systems is required to view video feeds via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection

                                                                                    What's New in Pelco Mobile

                                                                                    • Removed limit of 5 VMS systems. Limit is now 150 systems.
                                                                                    • 2x2, and 3x3 Camera Views Added for Tablets
                                                                                    • Added Support for Endura with SM5200 System Manager on iOS devices
                                                                                    • Pelco Mobile Now Limited to 5 Systems (Any Combination of DS and Endura with SM5200)
                                                                                    • Each SM5200 System Is Limited to First 500 Cameras, or 2,500 Cameras in an All SM5200 Environment
                                                                                    • Each DS System Is Limited to 128 Cameras per System or 640 Cameras in an All DS Environment
                                                                                    • Aggregation of Digital Sentry and Endura with SM5200 Available from My Systems List
                                                                                    • Support for Camera Groups and Locations in Endura
                                                                                    • Support for System-Wide Groups Set Up in DS Admin
                                                                                    • Direct Pelco IP Connection Limited to 9 Cameras from My Camera List
                                                                                    • Android Back Button Implemented
                                                                                    • Online Help Updated with New Functionality

                                                                                    Address and Credentials for Demonstration System

                                                                                    • Host:
                                                                                    • Port (default): 443
                                                                                    • SSL (default): ?
                                                                                    • Name: Pelco Demo
                                                                                    • Login: guest1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
                                                                                    • Password: demo

                                                                                    Mobile Device Support

                                                                                    • iPhones/iPads running iOS 5.x and above – Digital Sentry and SM5200
                                                                                    • Android phones/tablets running Android 4.x and above

                                                                                    Visit one of the stores below to download the Pelco Mobile App.


                                                                                    Pelco App Store Play Button  Pelco Google Play Button