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                                                                                    Digital Storage Estimators

                                                                                    About the Pelco Digital Storage Estimators

                                                                                    About the Pelco Digital Storage Estimators

                                                                                    The Pelco and Digital Sentry Estimators help you determine the amount of recording space required based on a number of variables, including amount and type of cameras, alarm recording, PTZ movement and scene activity.

                                                                                    DX Storage Estimator

                                                                                    The Pelco Digital Storage Estimator supports DX4100, DX4500/4600,  DX4700/4800, DX8100 DVRs and the EnduraXpress network video appliance. It works with the following

                                                                                    • Windows XP
                                                                                    • Windows Vista
                                                                                    • Windows 7

                                                                                    Download the Digital Storage Estimator

                                                                                    Digital Sentry Storage Estimator and Bandwidth Guideline

                                                                                    Launch the Digital Sentry Storage Estimator

                                                                                    The Digital Sentry Storage Estimator is an HTML calculator. Software downloads of the storage estimator are no longer required or supported.

                                                                                    Digital Sentry Network Video Recorder Basic Bandwidth Guideline (PDF file, 90 KB)

                                                                                    This document provides a broad reference to server bandwidth utilization on the DSSRV. The new DS NVR delivers total available throughput of 280 Mbps for recording of analog and IP video streams as well as playback and export through the DS ControlPoint client. When determining the maximum number of cameras and the desired frame rate to host on each system, the number of concurrent client connections, the number of streams likely to be viewed in playback on each client, and the bandwidth required to support the client connections must be taken into consideration.