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Video Management



                                      IP Video Management System

                                      IP Video Management System Pelco Endura

                                      IP VMS for Mission-Critical Surveillance

                                      Endura™ is the ideal video management system (VMS) for mission-critical surveillance operations requiring around-the-clock monitoring and unwavering reliability. It provides the tools security and IT professionals need to effectively safeguard people and property. With the ability to scale thousands of cameras, Endura is designed to fit a wide range of applications - including airports, casinos, and city surveillance - where unmatched fault tolerance and system integrity are mandatory. Customizable permission settings and unlimited user profiles enable access for multiple stakeholders, driving greater return on security investment across your enterprise.

                                      As a distributed system, Endura architecture ensures that there is no single point of failure that would compromise user access to or continued recording of active devices. Endura is designed with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure maximum system uptime.

                                      Scalable to accept thousands of HD and megapixel cameras, the Endura system is an intelligent, yet easy-to-use approach to video security that provides greater control, enhanced operational flexibility, centralized management, cost-effective recording, and integration capabilities. Endura has been engineered to offer the quality and responsiveness of traditional analog installations with all the benefits of an IP VMS system. What’s more, Endura offers several options for existing analog matrix customers to migrate to an IP VMS system at their own pace. 

                                      > Learn more about Endura System Components
                                      > Endura Brochure (PDF file, 736 KB)
                                      > Endura Network Design Guide (PDF file, 2.3 MB)
                                      > Endura Installation Guidelines (PDF file, 704 KB)
                                      > VMS Brochure (PDF file, 1.6 MB) 

                                      System Aggregation

                                      When an organization determines that it is necessary to see across all their Endura installations, the aggregation server software can be installed, creating the aggregation layer. Pelco Aggregation makes it possible to access any system from any location on any device.

                                      > Learn more about Pelco System Aggregation
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