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            Product Guides & Selection Tools

            Pelco Product Comparison Guides

            Whether you’re looking for Cameras, Video Management and Recording Solutions, or Viewing Solutions, these easy-to-navigate comparison guides will give you all the information you need to make the best choice possible.


            Camera Selector Tools

            Our Camera Selector Tools makes it easy to find the right camera for your next installation. Get access to camera specs, documentation and make your camera selection on the go with the Pelco Camera Guide app now available for Apple and Android devices.

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            Selection Guides

            The Selection Guides from Pelco by Schneider Electric take away the hassle of sorting through spec sheets and product documentation. With quick reference guides from mounts to monitors, these guides make it quick and easy.

            Camera Solutions

            • Image Pak

            > IX/IXE Series Sarix™ Network Camera ImagePak® Selection Guide (PDF file, 267 KB)
            > Esprit® ES3012 Series ImagePak® Selection Guide (NTSC/PAL) (PDF file, 84 KB)

            • DomePak

            > DF5 Series DomePak Selection Guide – Color, D/N Cameras (NTSC/PAL) (PDF file, 224 KB) 
            > DF8 Series DomePak Selection Guide – Network, Color, D/N Cameras (NTSC/PAL) (PDF file, 114 KB) 

            • Pan/Tilt 

            > Legacy® Pan/Tilt System Selection Guide – Indoor/Outdoor and Pressurized (PDF file, 2 MB)
            > Pan/Tilt Selection Guide – Indoor; Light Duty (PDF file, 51 KB)
            > Pan/Tilt, Scanner Selection Guide – Outdoor; Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, Explosionproof (PDF file, 593 KB) 

            • Receiver

            > Receiver Selection Guide – Coaxitron® and RS-422 (P Protocol)(PDF file, 26 KB) 

            Camera Accessories

            • Lenses

            > Lens Selection Guide – Varifocal and Zoom Lenses (PDF file, 99 KB)

            • Enclosures

            > Enclosure Selection Guide – Indoor (PDF file, 132 KB)
            > Enclosure Selection Guide – Outdoor (PDF file, 910 KB)
            > Enclosure Selection Guide – Specialty (Dust-tight, Pressurized, Explosion-proof (PDF file, 83 KB)
            > Enclosure Selection Guide – High Security (PDF file, 122 KB) 

            • Dome

            > Dome Selection Guide – DF5/DF8 Series Fixed Mount (PDF file, 465 KB)

            • Mounts

            > Mount Selection Guide – Enclosures and Fixed Domes (PDF file, 68 KB)
            > Mount Selection Guide – Integrated Camera Systems (Camclosure®, Spectra®) (PDF file, 62 KB)
            > Mount Selection Guide – Positioning Systems (Esprit®, ExSite®, Legacy®) (PDF file, 42 KB) 
            > Mount Selection Guide – Pan/Tilts and Scanners (PDF file, 314 KB)
            > Sarix IP Cameras Mount Selection Guide (PDF file, 400 KB) 

            Transmission & Power

            > Power Supply Selection Guide – Indoor, Outdoor, Rack Mount (PDF file, 202 KB)
            > Fiber Optics – Analog Selection Guide (PDF file, 311 KB) 
            > Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Selection Guide (PDF file, 146 KB) 

            Viewing Solutions 

            > LCD Monitor Selection Guide – Including LCD Mount Selection Guide (PDF file, 391KB)

            Matrix Systems & Controls

            > Control Selection Guide – Direct/Multi-cable, Coaxitron®, Digital (PDF file, 80 KB)
            > Matrix Switching System Selection Guide (PDF file, 31 KB) 
            > Economy Switchers Selection Guide – Manual, Sequential (PDF file, 32 KB)