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Power Solutions


        Power Solutions

        Power Solutions

        Welcome to Power Solutions!

        Power Supplies 

        Power Supplies: These Pelco-designed and manufactured power supplies are available in a large variety of configurations and can power up to 16 units from a single power source. Available as indoor or environmental units, fused or with self-resetting circuit breaker options, Pelco Power Supplies can address Video Security and most any other low-voltage power supply need.

        Network Infrastructure: Reduce cabling requirements and make installation faster, easier and more cost effective with 19.6W Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors. These solutions work with any IEEE802.3af PoE compatible IP camera.



        Power Solutions Housing

        Unique housings allow for easy/clean installations as well as simple maintenance for multiple devices. Both indoor and outdoor models are available with either fuses or self-resetting circuit breakers on each output. Fused models provide a greater degree of protection for the camera because they are faster acting and more precise. Circuit breakers will self-reset when the fault is corrected, eliminating the need for replacing fuses.



        Power Solutions Wiring

        Wiring installation specifications and an installation record area for noting consumption and types of equipment connected to the power supply, are provided on the inside of the cover. The 16 output indoor power supplies also have the benefit of have individual power switches and LEDs on each output. This is a popular feature in larger systems where it is frequently necessary to power down individual units.


        Power over Ethernet (PoE)

        Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

        Power over Ethernet (PoE) single port power injector is designed to meet the demanding data rate and power requirements of IP cameras with high-quality streaming video capabilities. The injector offers total output power of 19.6 W, which meets the IEEE 802.3af standard for detection, connection, disconnection, and fault protection.