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PTZ Dome Camera Solutions


                                                  Spectra Dome PTZ Systems — The Innovation Continues

                                                  PTZ Dome Camera

                                                  For more than 15 years, the Spectra name has cemented its reputation as the ultimate dome positioning system and a definitive piece of any security installation. With industry-defining features engineered to secure what’s most important, Spectra continues to set the benchmark for quality, performance and reliability.

                                                  And now, with the all-new Spectra Professional Series, it’s never been easier to maximize your video security investment. Spectra Professional breaks the performance verses affordability barrier. No other system provides for such an easy and affordable transition, allowing you to meet the needs of your installation without the cost of wholesale system changes. In addition to delivering unsurpassed image quality thanks to the development of new cameras, lenses and imaging technology, Spectra provides a straightforward upgrade path to migrate from Spectra IV to Spectra IV IP to Spectra HD.


                                                  Spectra Network Dome Systems


                                                  Spectra Professional

                                                  Security Camera Spectra Professional

                                                  Pelco breaks the price vs. performance barrier with the powerful, cost-effective Spectra Professional Series of discreet, integrated high speed dome cameras. Spectra Professional delivers 2.0 megapixel resolution (1920x1080 @ 30IPS), high-profile H.264 compression, built-in analytics including motion detection and camera sabotage, 20x optical zoom and 360° continuous pan rotation up to 430° per Second. The dome system features open architecture connectivity for third-party software recording solutions allowing integration into virtually any IP-based system.

                                                  Learn more about Spectra Professional
                                                  Spectra Professional Sales Sheet (PDF file, 1.5 MB) 


                                                  Spectra HD

                                                  Pelco Spectra HD Camera System

                                                  The most popular positioning system the video security industry has ever known is taking performance to a new level with the introduction of Spectra HD 1080. Incorporating the award-winning Sarix technology platform, Spectra HD 1080 is an all-digital system that delivers 2.0 megapixel resolution (1920x1080 @ 30IPS), high-profile H.264 compression, built-in analytics 20x or 30x optical zoom and 360° continuous pan rotation for the precision and control you demand.


                                                  Spectra IV IP H.264

                                                  Pelco Spectra IV IP H.264 Camera System

                                                  Spectra IV IP H.264 allows you to control and monitor video over an IP network from virtually anywhere in the world. When you’re looking for unparalleled image quality with minimized bandwidth consumption, look no further than Spectra IV IP H.264. And its simultaneous analog and IP capability – a feature unique to Spectra systems – gives you the flexibility and performance of a network camera with the precision control, low latency and reliability of an analog system.


                                                  Spectra Mini IP

                                                  Pelco Spectra Mini IP Camera System

                                                  Designed specifically for indoor video security applications, where an affordable yet high-performance system is required, Spectra Mini IP offers the same robust features and functionality of Spectra systems in a compact, cost effective package.


                                                  Spectra Dome Systems


                                                  Spectra IV

                                                  Pelco Spectra IV Camera System

                                                  Whether you’re interested in the SE Series, which includes the flagship Spectra IV 36x system, or the SL Series, ideal for entry-level applications, the Spectra IV family of dome positioning systems feature a new 540TVL day/night camera and a variety of enhancements and capabilities guaranteed to maintain Spectra’s position as the most versatile and trusted camera system available today.


                                                  Spectra Mini

                                                  Pelco Spectra Mini Camera System

                                                  Offering the same robust features and functionality of Spectra systems in a compact, cost effective package, Spectra Mini family is a low-cost alternative to traditional camera systems.

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                                                  To Know More