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                                                  Heavy Duty Enclosure and Pan/Tilt Ceiling, Pedestal Mount -  PM2000/PM2010

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                                                  Security Camera Pedestal Mounts PM2000/PM2010
                                                  Universal Ceiling/Pedestal mount.


                                                  • Use with Legacy or Esprit products for outdoor Environments 

                                                  Ceiling/Pedestal Mount, Heavy Duty, Pan/Tilt and Enclosure

                                                  The PM2000/PM2010 are universal pedestal mounts designed for use with medium- and heavy-duty pan/tilts, including Legacy ® and Esprit ® integrated positioning systems. The PM2000/PM2010 are also compatible with PS20 Series scanners. Constructed from aluminum, these mounts will safely support up to 125 pounds (56.62 kg). Optional adapters are available for various pan/tilt and enclosure applications.


                                                  • Ceiling/Pedestal Mounting
                                                  • Supports up to 125 Pounds (56.62 kg)
                                                  • For use with Medium- and Heavy-Duty Pan/Tilts
                                                  • Optional Adapter Available for use with Enclosures
                                                  • Optional Support Struts Available for use in High Wind Applications
                                                  • Cable Feedthrough Holes (Top and Bottom)