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Camera Solutions

                                                  Heavy Duty Pan/Tilt with AC Motors -  PT1250P Heavy Duty Pan/Tilt

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                                                  Security Camera Enclosure PT1250

                                                  Remote positioning of 1/3” or ½” camera and zoom lens in a large size enclosure with the additional benefit of optional programmable presets on the pan/tilt position.


                                                  • Industrial
                                                  • Commercial
                                                  • Airports
                                                  • Department of Defense
                                                  • Perimeter Protection

                                                  Outdoor, Heavy Duty

                                                  The PT1250P is a heavy duty pan/tilt easily capable of handling loads up to 100 pounds (45.4 kg). Equipped with high torque AC motors with adjustable worm-gear final drives, this pan/tilt ensures long operational life as well as drift-free operation.


                                                  • 115 VDC Operation
                                                  • Optional Preset Positioning Capability
                                                  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Worm-Gear Final Drive
                                                  • Capable of Auto Scan and Variable Speed Operation when Used with Appropriate Control
                                                  • Outdoor Applications
                                                  • Rugged Aluminum Construction
                                                  • Maximum Load 100 Pounds (45.4 kg)