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Matrix Systems and Controls

            32 Input Cross-Point Matrix Switch -  CM6800 Matrix Switcher/Controller

            CM6800 Matrix system controllers offer an affordable single box solution for a variety of matrix systems

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            Security Matrix Switcher Controller CM6800
            • Event Timers - automate system operations using event timers to initiate System Sequences and Macros, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention.
            • Multiplexer Control - System 6800 offers a direct interface to Pelco Genex Series multiplexers. Easy-to-use icons on the keyboard guide the user through available multiplexer functions.
            • Powerful Alarm Handling - Choose from 8 to 16 local alarm inputs via rear panel selection or add up to 256 additional inputs with optional Alarm Interface Units. Choose from a wide selection of display options.


            The System 6800 Series includes Multiple Language Menus -  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Portugueses - making the system useful in a number of countries and language groups.


            Microprocessor-Based, Cross-Point Video Switcher, 32 X 6

            The CM6800 Matrix switcher/controller is a very affordable single box solution for medium-sized matrix switch applications. This fully integrated package offers a highly versatile, cross-point matrix switcher. The CM6800 provides switching and control from any one of up to 10 keyboards. The system can also be used to control other devices, such as Genex® multiplexers.


            • 32 Video Inputs, 6 Video Outputs
            • Inputs Allow for Viewing and Control of Cameras, Domes, PTZs, Multiplexers, and Other Devices
            • Includes Multiple Language Menus and On-Screen Text
            • Video Inputs Individually Selectable for Terminating or Looping with Switches on Rear Panel
            • Supports Coaxitron® and RS-422 Camera Control
            • Password-Protected Menu Programming
            • Windows®-Based Manager Software
            • System Partitioning Prevents Unauthorized Viewing and Control
            • Integrated Color Bar Generator
            • Wide Selection of Peripheral Components, Including Keyboards, Alarm Boxes, and Relay Boxes
            • Macro Programming and Event Timers Automate System Operation
            • Multiple Built-in ASCII Communication Ports
            • Remote Viewing and Control Over TCP/IP Networks Using PelcoNet™

            CM6800 Matrix system controllers offer an affordable single box solution for a variety of matrix systems